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Adelaide Day 1b; Checking in, Stacking off


It's currently midnight here in Adelaide and I have just got home from a night out for dinner and laughing at boys stacking off real hard on pokies down at the beach at Brighton. I played Day 1B today and got knocked out with 4 hands left in they day which was quite disappointing, I wasn't overly disappointed with how I played but then on the other hand I did some seriously dumb shit which cost me chips. The house itself we are staying in is quite nice and only a block from the beach so it's in a great location with lots of nice places to visit close by.

I sat down at my table and recognised a few players such as last years ANZPT POTY runner up John Maklouf, Matthew Pearson and ANZPT Gold Coast winner Nauv Kashyap, also on my table was some Canadian guy who looked exactly like David Singer. Early on I just tried to play a bunch of pots and stack someone overplaying their hand which failed a bit, but then I got into a bit of a groove, some of these hands I have included below.

Hand 1 - 150/300/25

Matt Pearson opens to 700 from UTG+1 and it folds around to me in the BB I have 44, I have 20k to start the hand and Matt covers. Flop comes 943hhh, I lead for 800, he calls; turn is the Tc I lead again for 1600 and he calls again; the river comes the Ts, I check and Matt bets 3675, I make it 9500 and Matt tanks for 5 minutes and finally gets the clock called on him before he folds the Queen high flush. I bet flop and turn just due to the relative strength of my hand and to protect my hand from the flush draw, by the river I was relatively certain Matt had either a flush or an overpair and flushdraw. I thought he would value bet both of these hands and quite possibly call a check/raise on the river with a flush and I could possibly win more then if I just bet the river, he also could've had the bare flushdraw that missed so I was thinking I could let his air bluff this river.

Hand 2 - 150/300/25

The David Singer lookalike opens to 750 from the CO 27k effective and I 3bet to 1750 with 32o from the Button and he calls. The flop comes AT6ddc he check calls my 1900 chip bet; the turn comes the 5c he check calls my 2875 bet; the river comes the Jc and he checks but looks relatively uncomfortable so I bet 5675, he tanks for a minute or so and calls with A8. I 3bet this player because he had been opening a bit and seemed pretty bad, so I thought I could just cbet a heap of boards and win chips easily and he would play his hand faceup a lot of the time. By the river I thought he would fold a lot of 1 pair hands, obviously I was wrong.

Hand 3 - 300/600/50

The Canadian guy opens to 1500 and I jam 8600 with JJ, the SB calls off with AQss and the original raiser folds. the boards runs out 889ss 4 K and I fade a bunch of outs to double through. 2 hands later Matt Pearson 3bet folded against me when I had AK so I finally had chips again.

I continued to open a bit and I lost chips when people flatted and I lost at showdown etc. I ended up busting right at the end of the day when I reshoved 22 for 17bb from the btn over the CO open and he called with 77, Without live poker to grind for the rest of the week so I guess we will be playing online, drinking and hitting the beach. Tomorrow Big Day Out is here in Adelaide so I am contemplating going due to the fact I have 2 tickets but I can think of better things to do.

Until next time, Liam.



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