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Aussie Millions Event One

4 comments ● 2010-04-15

Event one $1100 repecharge brought in a huge field of 1143 players.

I started the day pretty rough and within no time my 10k starting stack was down to 8k after raising with AK / AJs / 99 with no less than 2 callers and having to lay down after missing the flop completely.

After a couple of hours I had profiled my table. There was really only 2 guys that I had any respect for, no name pros just solid players. One of them had no pot management skills and was pot betting every street if he had raised pre regardless of the board and built an impressive stack without having to show down any hands.

I made a mental note to stay out of his way until I had a monster or a concealed hand and hopefully take a big pot off him. He was also chucking back the bourbon and cokes and eating the stinkiest salami sandwich so i figured it was only a matter of time before Jim Beam would start playing his hands for him.

I decided to get creative in hands when he had either folded or looked like he was going to as the rest of the table was pretty soft and the only other decent player had managed to short stack himself trying to bluff a fish when he missed a big draw. He should have known better but I guess it was the only way he could win the hand. The fish was a 40+ hairy chested loud mouth sporting the big gold watch and fat gold chain and didn't know how to fold top pair on a draw heavy board. He was my best spot to value bet to death.

After he limped into a pot I 3 bet with 65 off. The blinds folded and he made the call. The flop comes down A 7 8 rainbow. He checks and I throw a 60% pot bet out. The gin card 9 hits the turn. He checks and I check behind.

The river comes a deuce and he checks and I bet full pot. He overthinks the play thinking the seeming overbet and check on the turn meant I C bet the flop with KQ or similar and calls. I showdown and he mucks. I am almost 100% he called me there with 2nd pair. His player profile would certainly roll the ace if he had it to try and show some disgust for the hand.

For the first time I was above starting stack and from here i managed to grind it up to 18k before getting stuck in a huge pot.

at the 150/300 blind level, Jim Beam min raises to 600. The button who is a young looking Asian smiley kinda guy who we shall call the Bali Bomber makes the call and so does the SB. I am in BB with what Brooke refers to as "Faces" ie Fake Aces - A4 and make the value call and we head 4 way to the flop with about 2500 in the pot.

Flop J 6 4 rainbow.

It's checked around to the button and the Bali Bomber fires out a 1000 bet. His tells are pretty elementary so I raise it to 2100 figuring he folds complete air and calls if he has a draw.

An unexpected thing happens and the pre flop raiser Jim Beam calls and so does the Bali Bomber.

This hand is starting to smell worse than his sandwich.

In the first instance he didn't do his usual C bet after raising pre which initially I put down to the fact that we were 4 way to the flop and he wasn't going to risk wasting chips in a hand he couldn't win. In theory someone had to have something.

The pot is now over 9k.

There are 2 things going through my head here. Either he is making what he thinks is a value call with 2 overcards which would be retarded or he has flopped a monster. I can't be sure that he really has it as there was enough in the pot when i check raised the Bomber for him to take down with a repop. As far as the Bomber is concerned I can no longer put him on a particular draw. My initial thoughts was that maybe has had a a gutshot with 78 suited or maybe he has A6 and is trying to spike 2 pair or trips. When he makes the call on the flop he announces "ok gamble" which is always handy...

The evil turn.

The turn card brings the 4c putting 2 clubs on the board.

My hand has improved out of sight. If Jim Beam has JJ or 66 i have to find out now or I may get stack committed on the river.

I lead out for 4500 leaving me 11k. Almost 40% of my stack is now in the pot.

Jim Beam then moves all in and has me and Bali well covered.

The Bali Bomber makes the call.

I am pretty sure that he has filled up so I elect to fold and live to fight another day.

They showdown and sure enough the dirty bastard has 66. The Bali Bomber loses his smile as he turns over 5c3c and is drawing to 2 outs for the straight flush on the river which bricks sending him to the noodle bar.

I try block the hand out of my mind on one hand patting myself on the back for making a good fold on the other hand giving myself an uppercut for battling that spot.

Dirty Short Stack Ninjas

I have been card dead for a while and haven't played a hand. As a result my stack has dwindled to 7k.

We are now at 300/600 and there are a few stacks less than 3k on the table.

I'm in the BB with K9o

A short stack has limped UTG so has the button and SB completes and I consider shoving here but decide the short stack calls me so I check.

Flop K 6 4 with two spades

I check, the short stack leads out 800 into a 2600 pot. Everyone else folds and I call.

Turn 7h

I announce all in.

He calls and turns over As7s

The river bombs a spade giving his the nut flush and I am down to under 4500. Nice

I decide I can let one orbit of blinds pass through me before it is shove time. Which is exactly what happens.

I get down to 3k. My love rug friend 4 bets UTG and I look down to QQ. The chips go in and he shows 44. The Queens hold up and I'm back to 7K.

I finally find the cards at the 400/800 level

The only other decent player tripled up his tiny stack in a 3 way pot having shipped his last 2600 into the pot from the BB after a raise and a call.

The flop comes down J 4 2 all hearts. The preflop raiser checks and the next player moves all in.

In a retarded play he turns over AsQs

The all in player rolls over T4o and things get better for him with the T hitting the turn bringing hip back to 8k.

3 hands later he is in the cut-off and I am SB. it is folded to him and he open shoves for 8k.

I look down at AA.


I'm back to 15k.

A few hands later I pick up AdKd and a player raises to 3k. I shove for 15k. He has about 30k and makes the call tabling AQ off.

BOOM I'm up to 32k.

The next hand is being dealt. I am UTG and limp in with AsTs whilst stacking my new found wealth.

It is folded to the button who also limps. He is a new player to the table and is a painful Brit wanker and I really want to bust him. The BB is also a new player, an older lady with a 30k stack.

The old ladies all play the same. Super nit and married to big hands.

The small blind folds and Supergran checks.


T T 6

She checks i check Brit Prick leads out for 2000.

Supergran raises to 5000.

I pretty much know what everyone has. The Brit guy has position and a whole lot of fuck all. Supergran has a ten of sorts but doubtful T6 to be raising there.

I am 100% that I have the best hand so have to figure out how to get paid off. I choose to shove all in 32k.

Brit folds and Supergran snap calls with T3.

Ship Ship Ship now I'm up at 70k.

They then break our table which sucks because I was owning it and I get moved to a much stronger table with Tony "Bond18" Dunst, Brendon Rubie and a few young gun online pros.

With 80 minutes till end of play for the day I pretty much stay out of harms way. I have to lay down to shoves after i've opened to steal blinds with AT / KQ and lose a few smaller pots to short stacks when I had dominating hands ie. calling a Short stack shove with Ac9c and losing to his A3 off. I end the day on 45k.

194 players left for day 2. Avg stack 60k.

My pizza should be here shortly then bedtime and battle tomorrow.

Hopefully I can run good tomorrow and make the cash. please please please please mmmm pizza



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