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Could have been so much better....


After a total disaster on Thursday where for some reason I thought I would up the ante and play a handful of bigger tournaments than I normally do. The air of invincibility was evident as I registered in the $162's and $30 rebuys as if I was sure I would Final Table them all.....I bricked them all and only had a min cash the $11 Cashout on FTP ($9.04) to show for the early stuff. Still going strong with the $33 $5K on iPoker I thought I'd register for the $55 Turbo on Redback and ended up Final Tabling both but was still down....way down for the day - My normal ABI of $35 somehow increased to $65!!!

So come Friday I am ready for some run good, and also ready for a decent score. I dropped most of the big ones from Thursday and had top 10 stacks for a decent period in no less than 6 tournaments, but could only manage a few min cashes before FInal tabling the $109 $17.5K on RedBack. Now I came 3rd in this event just 8 days ago, and after been chipleader for most of 3 handed play I really felt this tournament owed me. This time however I came to the FInal Table around 6th in chips, but with a deep-ish structure I didn't have to rush things.

Without too much trouble, and a few hands holding up after getting it in good, we enter 4 handed play with me 3rd. A quick sharkscope of the others and I find they all successfull winning players, and I suddenly realise that my run to the $3,800 first prize is not just a wlak in the park. The chip leader was to my immediate left and was 3-betting the hell out of me, defending all the blind steal attempts and I really had to tighten up even more as I was getting the cards I needed. I had had enough when I was dealt 66, I raised, he 3 bets and I shove over the top - marginal but with about 15BB, 4 handed and his agressive nature I thought it was ok. He turns JJ, but a 6 on the flop delivers a mighty fine suckout and the chip lead.

From there, my eventual heads-up opponent eliminated the other 2 and we go into heads up with about 300k to his 500k. It wasn't long before I got it all in with A8 and to his 55....flop A58 was pretty epic and I would have to settle for 2nd and $2700-odd.

Over the weekend I made a ton of sportsbets. The big wins were West Coast in the AFL and the Indigineous all stars (thanks Duff) in the NRL which I ended up getting at 2.30, but Adelaide losing to Port cost me and as did Newcastle and Melbourne losing in the A-League meant a Grand Total Profit of $27.50 in Sports.




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