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More Info I get the worse off I am


First I was just calling down anything chasing what I didn't know was 4 outers or 9 out flush draw type hands.then I discovered TV poker and a vague notion of percentages ,position and bluffing ,this in turn made me a knowledgeable player or so I thought.There I was happy in my existence the old ignorance is bliss without even being aware of it because I was ignorant to being ignorant which made it bliss and in turn meant I was blissfully unaware because I was ignorant to the fact that I was ignorant. Along comes if I remember correctly a magazine I picked up at The Star when it was known as Star City casino ,called quite wittingly "Poker" the poker magazine. Within the pages of this annul were advertisements for various poker entities from our treasured Poker Network to Cardplayer to the demon of the lot Two Plus Two, yes this is where I was taken twilight has nothing on the Sklansky cult. Where else can you find an endless assortment of dedicated pasty skinned disciples willing to not only give blood willingly but take blood and cut the heart out of any living thing willing to call off their stack with K2 off or ask the unholy of holy "Should I ever fold Kings pre flop?" .Sure the 16 year olds look better have better make-up technique and most surely smell better ,but put them behind 4 monitors for 3 months with their mum screaming through their bedroom door"What's going on in there?" "Why does Dick Smith keep delivering replacement mouse and keyboard sets?" and then we'll see who's hair is in place and which is the bigger freak,er I mean geek ,er I mean mystically enlightened misunderstood lot. Welcome back seemed to be some interference back there ,so as I was saying ..4 outers so getting HEM2 is a given only problem is it is distracting the hell out of me at least when I was stacking off before I knew where the button was and which of the villains were still in the hand , now I basically mash buttons and pull miracles looking like a genious playing through pop up menus without seeing my own cards let alone a flop turn or river .Numbers! stats! I've never seen so many numbers outside of my license suspension notice ,but hey as has already been established I am truly gifted . So what do I do now ? Hem has hijacked my computer for 30 days I can't see what's going on and in the meantime I keep hearing that without the numbers you can't expect to compete online ,well so what why should I change anything now ? Donating willingly to college funds year after year let's me fake a contribution and has kept me in good spirits in return offering me the illusion that I am competitively partaking in a hobby which in turn brings me one rung closer to normal human behaviour .Solution keep doing what I'm doing ,build up false stats making me look like a fish and then take the internet poker world by storm 1 hand at a time after of course I first watch the new vampire flick wash this shit off my face and realise that Brandon Lee is not in the series.



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