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My Poker Story - Part 1 (not much so far, but will write it as it happens)

March 19 2010

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Hi Guys - this is my first attempt at blogging, I’m not even on twitter but decided to utilise this sounding board as a growth tool to complement my long terms plans.....Pro within 2 years (Jan 2012)

Let me take you back a bit for now…like a lot of us down under my attention turned to poker on a back of Joe Hachem. I was invited to my fiancé’s (now my wife) brothers regular game in his garage where they taught me the basics. As with almost all noobs I won the night...we played 5 SNG's and I won all of them. The very next day I was reading FHM and there was a article about this Lebbo/Aussie dude named Joe and said Aussie winning the world series, that sound’s pretty cool. I hit youtube straight away and watched the whole final table where Joe smashed Bannerman and from then I was eager. I downloaded Pacific poker straight away and started playing play money games and did that for 2 months. I then went to blockbuster and watched rounders and fell in love with it...I then saw an APL banner out the front of a pub which is right next to my house so decided to give that a shot. I still laugh at myself when I remember sitting down at my first APL table and asked the whole table...where the hell is the dealer? lol... I lasted about 20 mins The next 12 months of my poker career just consisted of APL...two games on Friday night and one on Sat night...all local (Ryde). I wong half a dozen or so but in hindsight this 12 months was the worst for my upcoming poker career as ALL games I was drinking as it was more of a social thing for me. Learning on the fly whilst drinking is the worst for cementing really bad habits for which I am still struggling to iron out today.

The first idea of actually doing this for an actual profit and not gambling came on the late hours of Christmas day/Boxing Day 2008. After a Christmas day of eating at various families houses I got back home at sunset...the missus fell asleep straight away and I was bored. Various grandparents had given the traditional cash for presents so armed with 200 bucks I decided to have a crack at the poker @ Star City. So I rode my bike in and sat down at the 80 dollar table @ about 9PM....played tight till around 1AM when I got bored and was ready to go home so I started pushing. Two double ups later I was reinvigorated and before I knew it, it was 8AM boxing day and I had $1450.00 in front of me. The table closed (there was nobody left to play) so I rode all the way home with the biggest smile on my face. That’s the day I knew I wanted to actually take this thing seriously.

Part 2 to come where I’ll expand on the lead up to several harsh reality checks, my learning’s, the importance of spouse support, Vegas and all round next steps for me.

Sam Kennedy


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