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Sleeping in, and stacking off.

3 comments ● 2011-01-31

Hey guys, for those who don't know me I'm Liam Moffett, I'm 21 and grind online MTTs day in day out (or maybe a little less than that). I thought I should give this blogging thing a go so here it is.

This morning started off like any other Monday, alarm going off at 4am for the Sunday Warmup, except today I decided to sleep in until 6am for the Daily 90k. When my alarm went off for the 2nd time I cancelled it and headed off back to the land of Z's. At around midday I decided to start registering and with the Double Guarantees week on FTP I decided to not even play on Pokerstars. The session was rather unspectacular with no deep runs other than a 50th in the Fuper, I grinded a shortstack for most of the tournament which is annoying because I never really gave myself a chance to run up a decent stack to contend with, finally busting 88<QQ. Props to Brad "Baza88" Bower and Sam "Milf Island" Rotar who won the $55 Multi-Fifty and the FTP 30r for 29k and 12.5k respectively, huge effort from Brad who actually won the same tournament last Monday also.

The Multi-Entry tournaments on FTP have been quite interesting over the past week, due to the huge prizepools and the also the fact that using the Holdem Manager HUD has not worked with these new tournaments. I have found myself flying blind in different situations over the last week but I have also been taking a lot more notes on players because any information I can gather will obviously help without stats on players. I had the opportunity to merge stacks last week in the $75 40k, at the Final Table bubble I was sitting 2/10 and 9/10. I wasn't quite sure if there was a great strategy to playing in that spot because the maximum I could get was 9th and 1st, therefore I wasn't sure if it was worth trying to get it in a few times on my shortstack to gain as many chips for the FT or bust 10th, or to just continue playing as I was and go into the final table with a good stack. I didn't end up having to worry about the situation with my larger stack losing 34 vs. the chipleader's 66 on 567 to bust 10th, then having my shortstack get in TT<AK to bust 8th.

With the ANZPT Adelaide starting at the moment I will be flying down there tomorrow to play the main event and maybe one other side event. I'm quite excited for this series because we (Dave79811, Bazooka87, Baza88, Higher Wattage, Aussie_star1 and I) have booked a large house just south of Adelaide in Brighton so it will be great to get out of the city and casino for once during a live series. There will be a lot of hitting the beach and drinking I believe with the extremely hot weather in Adelaide, quite different from what I have become accustomed to in South East Queensland with the torrential rain lately but I think I should survive. Also if anyone has any recommendations on cafes/restaurants/bars to go to in Brighton please let me know.



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  • bennskender
    bennskender 02-01-2011 21:40

    nice blog mate ..massive fan of urs , glad to see you finally have a blog ..all the best mate

  • lloydliky
    lloydliky 12-23-2011 06:44

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