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The world is my onion

March 17 2010

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Due to a $150 carrot I have decided to allow the world into my little life for a few moments a week. If government departments and anyone else, may want to one day use this blog as evidence, I have to say that the majority of this blog is fiction ;).

So to start with a little about myself. I used to be a very sociable easy going outdoor type with no weird habits and a super fit body. This however was 2004 - the year before I was cursed to find online poker. As the majority of players know poker players are strange, online players are worse. I am one of these unfortunates who has sacrificed his body for the cause. I'm an individual who is now socially inept and so awkward in almost all situations that I cringe at the thought of actual social interaction.

I grew up in pubs watching races and playing pool, winning and losing from the age of 10. When I was about 13 I saw some men playing poker in the corner and thought "that looks a bit gay", I mean I would play a little blackjack from time to time, but sitting there not doing much seemed a slow boring exercise. But when I had nothing to do, I would sit and watch. This taught me two valuable lessons: losers always lose and always have more money than the other guy your playing. 

After a few weeks of watching I asked a few questions, learnt some basics of draw and stud and then lost interest again. I mean why would O want to sit there for hours playing to win a few dollars when I could just play the winner at pool?  Playing for 3-4 hours seemed pointless when I could make that kind of money in 2 or 3 games of pool. So I sort of just left it at that but still watched occasionally. About a year later we changed pubs and I found at the new place in Newcastle their pool game was a little stronger. After getting skinned by a few who were just too good, I decided I needed to change things up . I could still play well enough to beat 90% of players but the only money you could win was too small and even at 14 my reputation preceeded me. So I switched to basketball and learnt that fighting Tongan kids to make sure you got paid wasn't worth it. Then one day some old guys were playing bridge in a corner and I went over and started talking to them. They were nice guys but terrible teachers. After about 20 minutes I realised i had no interest in bridge. The game was breaking up and they asked if i wanted to play. I declined but started playing with the cards when a guy that had one to many sherbets came over and asked if we were playing poker. Without hesitation i replied "we are now" and that's where this crazy adventure started. 


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