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We're all doomed


I have no idea why but I got the motivation to write these thoughts after reading an article from the WWF that describes China's overwhelming ecological footprint and the overall grim picture their scientists predict for our Earth in the very near future.

In my opinion we are about to face the perils of the universe and the consequences of being greedy. If 2012 theories fail then I believe the next 50 years will be a slow and painful mass decline of the human race. Now I have no beliefs on subjects not scientifically proven but some of the evidence regarding the remainder of this 21st century is quite disturbing.

We have the insanity of Science ... The Large Hadron Collider ... being tested without law; an underground lab where humans [playing god] smash together the power of the unknown whilst attempting to give birth to our entire existence. Read ‘matter’ ‘anti-matter’ ‘dark matter’ ‘the god particle’ ...In laymen’s, these scientists can create a black hole with a computer.

The scientific God, our Sun, expanding and exploding at its peak [solar maximum]. These explosions and the resulting energy and storms forwarded onto the Earth could honestly wipe us out. NASA quoted ‘We have no idea the effects of the incoming ‘solar maximum’ but we do know it could wipe out the entire world’s electricity grids beyond repair’.

Yellowstone National Park, the super volcano that has been classified and militarised; off limits to the general public and media because of its enormous recent seismic activity. Science has proven we have had extinction level events caused by nature. The gist of most scientists is if this particular volcano were to go BOOM and reach its potential that the fallout would kill the entire US over the first few months and possibly affect up to 75% of the globe depending on wind and weather patterns.

Anyway these are just hypotheticals. You know, the funny things is, the real danger is not the universe itself. It’s pretty obvious where the end of the universe will originate if the signs are ignored and the damage not immediately undone.

Every scientific documentary, article, journal, or forum [etc] I have read points to a world destined for failure. Just living life and understanding basic human emotion is proof enough where the problem lies. In my opinion, for humanity to thrive where food, water, oxygen and shelter is in abundance, the population itself needs to be culled immediately and its remaining population be reprogrammed. At worst a worldwide co-op would need to enforce a new world where breeding is controlled and outlawed to the general public. [INSANE the sheeple will cry]



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