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You are what you eat


I originally just blogged the below but I thought fuck it.
Might get a thread out of it.

I am always on the hunt for exciting subject matter worthy of devour
eg. music, books, journal, documentaries, life experiences

anyway ..

You are what you eat and humans are a product of their environment ... etc etc

So, Who inspires you? Who has changed you? Who has helped shape you as a person?

Firstly, when I was 5 years old I found soccer and every youngster had their favourite teams and players. I played 10 years of representitive soccer as a youngster and I can still remember where I found the original motivation. I hired this random 'Top 100 goals' VHS where the 'West Germans' mainly Jurgen Klinsmann and Lothar Matthaus featured heavily. Just the fantasy of playing like them gave me this superhuman buzz as a kid. Shaped my entire childhood and definitely defined me as the competitive, sports mad human I am.

Secondly, As a 13y.o kid I found $250 in the sand on a Gold Coast beach. Call it divine intervention but I was somehow seduced into purchasing the entire Pantera and Metallica catalogues while also being lured into buying my first bag of sticky green. So between the age of 13 and 17 while being publically educated, the devil managed to fuse me together with my yellow Sony walkman and a constant supply of green where I lived and loved life smoking myself stupid to a Heavy Metal soundtrack. A classic example of why people end up with anger issues!

Lastly, probably my biggest influence ...
A few of my oldest friends including me got involved with heavy party drug use just out of high school to our late teens/early twenties.

Ectasy, Speed, Cocaine, Ice, Fantasy, LSD. Some of us moderated. Some of us went to the extremes.
Anyway ... Fight night ...Mundine vs Green. We decide on staying away from the pubs and purchase the PPV on Fox. We need to do a run for supplies so my mate (I'll just call him P) grabs the keys and we head out. We drive to get alcohol, get weed, get mood enhancers etc etc. My mate at this point is fine but I am aware he has been smoking a fair amount if ICE because I have been sharing the action. After running around for an hour or so getting the goods we pull back up in our driveway. He puts the car in park, pulls up the handbrake and switches off the ignition. It is at this point that my friend has one hell of a seizure. Eyes rolled back in his head, violent jerking, strange moaning sounds. I fucking freak out. What if he did that while the vehicle was in motion. I have been smoking the same shit and my friend is unconscious beside me shaking furiously. So beep the horn frantically which alerts the crew inside. The boys burst out the front and we drag him into the passenger seat. I rush P to the Hospital in Southport as we are only a few blocks away. I drive straight up the emergency ambulance driveway, jump out like a madman and start ranting for a doctor. It is at this point that I see P crawling from the passanger side into the drivers side. He begins to yell at me to get him the fuck out of there. He starts tearing up about 'authorities getting him' so I persuade him to jump back into the passenger side and we speed off. That was nearly 6 years ago and that scenario scared me away from chemicals for life. I never touched the shit again.



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