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Brisbane Time: 2:11 AM 12 Jun 08
 QLD Poker Network -
Site last updated on 11th of June 2008, 2:45 p.m.

The QPN is a poker portal that networks private home games within Queensland. If you want to join a game, please contact the individual organiser. We send out an update once a week with what's happening in QLD poker. To receive this update, go to "Player Registration" below.

The tournament ladder is a collection of results from individual tournaments. Any tournament in QLD is eligible to have the results ranked here as long as the game was advertised here.

If you have a game you would like posted on this page, email or with your game details. Listing of games is completely free!

Registered Players: 942
 Leader Board
Colin Peckover
Lilian Stoopman
Michael Stoopman
Troy Harrison
Unknown Player
Keith McNaught
Dwayne S
Wade Allison
Brendan Tallon
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 Player Registration

Please complete the form below to register as a QLD player. You will then receive email updates of poker happenings in QLD.

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 Recent Results
Heritage Park Playoff #12 2008 - 7 00 PM 6 Jun 08
Game: Holdem Multi Table No Limit
Dirranbandi Dabble #1 2008 - 7 00 PM 10 May 08
Game: Holdem Single Table No Limit
Heritage Park Playoff #10 2008 - 7 00 PM 9 May 08
Game: Holdem Multi Table No Limit
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Colin Peckover (pictured here with Kenna James) makes a bold showing in the Melbourne Poker Champs ME with a 3rd place finish

Strong QPN Showing at the Melbourne Poker Champs
Several QPN players have given strong performances in the recent Melbourne Poker Champs. The standout performance was Colin Peckover's 3rd place finish in the Main Event where he cashed for a little less than $63K when his pocket kings were run down after getting it allin preflop against his opponent's AK. Colin is planning a trip to Vegas on the back of his excellent result. We wish you luck Col.

Sean Dunwoodie showed his knowledge of mixed games through his 2nd place finish in the HORSE event.

The ever consistent Duncan McKinnon cashed in two events with a 2nd in the 2-day NLHE event and 7th in the Pot Limit Holdem event.

Pual Gibson cashed in 11th place in the 6-handed NLH having earlier eliminated Harris Pavlou when he held AK v Harris' KJ. Paul went out when his QQ went down to his opponent's A6 when an Ace fell on the turn. Paul collected $2 500 for his 11th place finish. Paul also placed 5th in the $50 Rebuy Sattelite to the VIC Champs Main Event.

Other QPN players who cashed included Emmanuel De Guzman, Harris Pavlou, Sam Lunch and Wade Allison.

Nice work by all QPN players.

Note: When registering for tournaments through the QPN website registration forms please ensure you enter your name."
 WEEKLY games in QLD
Ipswich Tourney
Fridays @ Ipswich
8:00 p.m. $30 NLHE Multi-table Freezeout
Cash game after tourneys (25c/50c Dealer's Choice)
Info/Registration: Contact Steve by or SMS: 0401549649

Dirranbandi Dabble
Fridays @ Dirranbandi
7:00 p.m. $20 NLHE Single-table Freezeout
Info/Registration: Contact Ehren on 4620 7398 or SMS/Call 0438 175 089

Games on the Gold Coast.
Thursday afternoons usually starts around 2pm-3pm
50c/$1 NL Hold'Em Cash Game every min buy-in $30 max buy-in $100. Tweed heads West contact Blocker on 0418 597 530 or email at [email protected]

Saturdays 5.00pm Tweed Heads
$1/$2 NLHE cash games are held Saturday - $100-$200 buy-in. SMS/Call Jevon 0416 299 246 or

Sunday 2pm Until Late Southport
Sausage Sizzle & $1/$2 No Limit Holdem Cash Game . SMS/Call Paul 0419 020 152 or

Heritage Park Play-off
Fridays @ Heritage Park
7:00 p.m. $40 NLHE Multi-table Freezeout
Info/Registration: Contact Richard by or Phone/SMS 0412 476 923
 MONTHLY games in QLD
Graceville Cash Game
3rd Friday of each month @ Graceville
7:30 p.m. Cash game (50c/$1 NLHE)
Seating for 20-24 players
$30 Freezeout Tourney if enough demand ($25 prizepool/$5 bounty per player)
Info/Registration: Contact Steve by Email or Phone/SMS 0419 798 985
 Upcoming Events
Dirranbandi Dabble #3 2008 - 7 00 PM 21 Jun 08
Game: Holdem, Single Table , No Limit
Entry Costs: $20, Add Ons / Rebuys: $0
3K start bank 10 minute levels Contact Ehren on 4620 7398 or 0438 175 089
 Weekly Winners

Michael Stoopman, victorious in the Heritage Park Playoff #12 2008

To have photos of tournament winners posted here, email them to or .
 Pokerdome QLD Poker Championships

Lenny “Hollywood” DeRosa Crushes Queensland Champs Main Event final table.

After the long build-up to the Queensland Champs Main Event, a field of 83 players registered to lay claim to the title of Queensland Champ. With a prize pool of over $20,000 everybody changed gears and went into action. With the Majority of the field travelling down from Brisbane, and all the PokerDome regulars it was game on.

First hand on table 8 was KK vs. AA, Vihn was sent to the rail with his heads in his hands laughing. With stories of set-over-set Aces vs Kings, players were dropping like flies with the decks running hot. By 11pm the Main Event field was wittled down to the final 2 tables with play slowing right down as the bubble was looming ever so closely. Alex “Bubble Boy” Lees said “I’m going to bubble again”, a prediction which sadly cam true as his pocket 6s lost a coin flip against Lenny DeRosa's AK off. With a promising board of 578 Alex was apparently sitting pretty, until Lenny hit running Kings to seal himself as chip leader and burst the final table bubble.

The final table assembled the next day at 2pm with the blinds wound back 2 levels to 200/4000 ante 500. As play began the room was stone cold. Each time somebody made a raise there was a shove straight over the top. Michael Driesnaar was first to the rail with a pay cheque of $620 and the respect of the other 82 runners. The final table lasted for 4hrs with Lenny and Justin Ayoub taking a chop; $6000 for Lenny, and $4800 for Justin with the play-off for the Championship trophy and Bracelet. It was Lenny’s day with his push of A 3 being called by Justin holding K J. With a flop of K Q 10, turn 6, and river J, Lenny rivered the nuts to claim the title. Congratulations Lenny, well done!

Final placings were as follows:

1st Lenny DeRosa $ 6000
2nd Justin Ayoub $4790
3rd Emmanuel “Jon” DeGuzman $2490
4th Ben Peters $2080
5th Allistar Desplace $1660
6th Craig Brown $1250
7th Laim Moffett $1040
8th Edward Noordzy $830
9th Michael Driesnaar $620

The Pokerdome QLD Champs Main Event kicks off

 Pokerdome QLD Poker Championships cont'd

Sean Field victorious in Pokerdome QLD Champs Event #1

Event #1

Thursday night brought in the warm up crowd for Saturdays Main Event of 35 runners. With a tight field but a hot deck, play started very strangely with several players hitting the rail early. After 6 hours of tournament struggle Sean Field steamrolled the final table, finally defeating Terry Mosley heads-up. While holding an 8-1 chip lead Filed's 44 left Mosley's Q 10 no hope when the flop brought a third 4 and no pair or draw for Mosely.

Congratulations guys on a well played game

Richard Liel takes down the rebuy event at the pokerdome QLD Champs

Event #2 - $30 Rebuy

The rebuy event was taken down by Richard Liel with a small field 32 runners but a prizepool well over $3000.
Things were looking good for the place-getters with first taking an impressive $1200. As play got underway
the rebuys came thick and fast with the birthday brothers of Paul and Jerome going to town, showing no remorse for their wallets!! In the end, Richard showed how to play power poker and crushed the final table to claim victory.

Teams event winners Steve Jomartz and Morgan

Sunday, Event #5 - Teams Event

Steve Jomartz and Morgan took the trophy in a strange but interesting way with a chop giving Steve and Morgan less money but the over all win! Yes, things couldn’t get any stranger!

Congratulations to all the winners and place getters, well done.
 Recent Results
Heritage Park Playoff #12 2008 - 7 00 PM 6 Jun 08
Game: Holdem Multi Table No Limit
Dirranbandi Dabble #1 2008 - 7 00 PM 10 May 08
Game: Holdem Single Table No Limit
Heritage Park Playoff #10 2008 - 7 00 PM 9 May 08
Game: Holdem Multi Table No Limit
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