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    Default introduction

    hi guys

    i've been lurking on this forum for the last year or so but only just decided to make an account and post.

    about me: i play small stakes cash and tournaments online and mid stakes cash games and some big tournaments in the casino.

    I'm eager to get better and move up in stakes so hopefully I can learn a lot from the forums!



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    Default Re: introcuction

    Which state you from bro?

    You more a live or online player? cash or tournament player?


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    Default Re: introcuction

    Welcome to the internet ghetto that is PNW.

    Here are a few tips......

    1. Be able to take a joke and LOL sigh at flammage. ( As a result there are alot of emo kids on this forum)

    2. Read HHs and discussions on said HHs to get a better understanding about what to do in certain spots. ( It cant hurt...unless you listen to Tony...i kid i kid.)

    3. Do not post bad beat HHs with the intention of getting sympathy. ( I posted a AA< KK AIP beat just under a year ago and somebody sent my computer tha aids)

    4. Change your location to something entertaining. e.g BALLA TOWN!

    5. Put up a really cool avatar. (Something funny that will get a reaction or something poker related. A still of Helmuths facial expression whilst getting stacked on HSP will cover both these points)

    5. Start pming anybody with annoying questions or with an invitation to dinner. (Just close you eyes and point finger on screen randomly)

    6. After a few months create a blog. ( Be sure to update it once or twice a year)

    7. If you get deep in a mtt and wish to start a sweat thread do so when on the final table of said mtt.......Unless its a major ie Sunday Million etc.

    8. Develop tolerence and grow as a human being by ignoring/tolerating my idiocy and crackhead like demeanour. Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors also fall into this category.

    If all else fails save up your fpps and by a shiv from the VIP store.( available to Platinum Star and above)

    I hope this helps.

    P.S......You misspelled the thread title noob. GTFO!

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    Default Re: introcuction

    BALLA TOWN! thats fully tabouli

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    Default Re: introcuction

    Ask Pokerpimp out to dinner!

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    Default Re: introduction

    This Thread Sounds Like A Self Help Group (aa Or Gamblers Anon).

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    Default Re: introduction


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