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    Hi Guys. You would have probably already guess by my unimaginative user name, that my actual name is Daniel (Dan) Trett. I was born in the North East of England in Newcastle, but moving to Sydney, Australia on Friday, which is why I've decided to register here to meet some poker friends down under. I'm by no means a professional or even very good come to think of it, but it is a big interest/hobby of mine and I will for sure be looking to get over The Star and enjoy some of their weekly tournaments as well as their cash games. I'm quite well respected around my local area (over at the Newcastle Poker Forum), and hope with the help of this place to build up the same friendships and relationships with you Sydney based Australian players. Thanks for taking the time to read this, any questions just fire away and I will be sure to hit back with answers.


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    Yorkshire Pudding Guest

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    There's a thread going live on the main site tomorrow about a festival in Sydney that may catch your eye.

    Oh, and welcome aboard.

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    Dan Trett Guest

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    Hi Yorkshire. I've seen the Summer Series advertised on their website, looks like a lot of fun. Probably looking to get involved in the A$300-A$1,000 side events, the main event and the high roller a little out my bankroll unless I satellite. Are you in the Sydney area mate? I'm I right to assume your from Yorkshire, England?

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    Yep, guilty as charged!

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