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  1. swans05
    Mikey should'nt that be rich rich rich broke.
  2. Mike
    Liked the bombers today, and got both winners tonight. Should be all favs tomorrow will give me 6 winners for the round!
  3. Ozzie The Turk
    Hey Mike how do we invite more people to join this group? Or is it only you who has the right to invite more members?
  4. swans05
    Mike as promised here is the bet of the round. Not that you will take it. Collingwood at the line +16.5. Wet conditions tonight at the MCG, slippery ball with Buddy misfireing as per usual, makes for a close game, as well as Collingwood needing to win so they will play the game of their life. One last one for the multi Demons at the line +26.5, sorry Ozzie but the Bombers are no good will not be able to thrash them.
  5. Mike
    Oz, i think once you are a member you can invite people. However i cant even find the option of inviting people anymore. The Hux needs to bring back the dealers forum but it might never happen. Until then we might need to look around for a new place to hang out.
  6. Ozzie The Turk
    Fuckin Hux!!!

    Party is debating whether or not to run qualifiers for the PokerNews Cup. I am the one pushing it...but if we cant get the DEALER's CHOICE back... then I may just back off a little.

    Tim you are a dick... COLLINGWOOD at the line. Jackass... you are all SHIT!!!
    Can somebody please help with my footy bets.
  7. Ozzie The Turk
    This was Hux's reply to me when I questioned him...fuckin!

    Hi mate,
    I believe that it is still there, just that it is a closed group, and unless you are a member, you can't see it.
    Groups are coming soon to PNW so once that gets added, hopefully you will be able to see it.
    My programer told me this in lithuanian if you can understand.
    "All existing dealer's choice club members can view it. At the moment it is not possible to become a new member of this club, because we don't have such tool as CLUBS in PNW yet. Just in forum I can assign permissions to view this club forum."
    So let me know your forum ID and I will get you in there mate.

    Someone talk to him fuckin!

    Get this shit sorted!
  8. Mike
    Groups are coming soon..
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