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Thread: Standard play ??

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    Default Standard play ??

    nothing to see here....
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    I like that the villian flats from the SB pre. I don't like his CR on flop though, better to lead. Otherwise standard from both parties. Both got coolered but you got the money so what do you care?
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    i'd probably ship it in against villains who i know play back at me.

    otherwise, bet-calling the flop is an option.

    it's a question of whether or not you are ahead of the villain's CR'ing range on the flop. there's lots of hands you beat (wraps, smaller fds), but usually there are more that you're behind (sets, nfd, etc) or flipping with.

    not sure how i'd play it if i had villain's hand. probably 3-bet pre and def get it in on the flop.

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