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Thread: Good fold or bad fold???

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    King Dennis Guest

    Default Good fold or bad fold???

    I have no reads on this guy as he just joined the table and this was his first hand.Horror Planet 8161369-53002 Holdem No Limit $0.25/$0.50 [Jun 5 06:17:47] : Hand Start. [Jun 5 06:17:47] : Seat 1 : King Dennis has $57.38 [Jun 5 06:17:47] : Seat 2 : TaffyApple7 has $47.62 [Jun 5 06:17:47] : Seat 3 : fyremedic has $33.38 [Jun 5 06:17:47] : Seat 4 : g8fulone has $44.16 [Jun 5 06:17:47] : Seat 5 : hottniks has $35.27 [Jun 5 06:17:47] : Seat 6 : bobbyybee has $39.81 [Jun 5 06:17:47] : Seat 7 : dfade has $4.69 [Jun 5 06:17:47] : Seat 8 : ent1ty4l1f3 has $37.32 [Jun 5 06:17:47] : Seat 9 : puchi has $49.99 [Jun 5 06:17:47] : hottniks is the dealer. [Jun 5 06:17:48] : bobbyybee posted small blind. [Jun 5 06:17:48] : dfade posted big blind. [Jun 5 06:17:48] : Game [53002] started with 8 players. [Jun 5 06:17:48] : Dealing Hole Cards. [Jun 5 06:17:48] : Seat 1 : King Dennis has Qd Qh [Jun 5 06:17:55] : puchi called $0.50 [Jun 5 06:17:58] : King Dennis called $0.50 and raised $2 [Jun 5 06:18:00] : TaffyApple7 folded. [Jun 5 06:18:02] : fyremedic folded. [Jun 5 06:18:02] : g8fulone folded. [Jun 5 06:18:02] : hottniks folded. [Jun 5 06:18:06] : bobbyybee folded. [Jun 5 06:18:07] : dfade folded. [Jun 5 06:18:09] : puchi called $2 [Jun 5 06:18:09] : Dealing flop. [Jun 5 06:18:09] : Board cards [3c 4d 8d] [Jun 5 06:17:48] : puchi checked. [Jun 5 06:17:50] : King Dennis bet $4 [Jun 5 06:17:55] : puchi called $4 and raised $7 [Jun 5 06:17:59] : King Dennis called $7 [Jun 5 06:17:59] : Dealing turn. [Jun 5 06:17:59] : Board cards [3c 4d 8d Kc] [Jun 5 06:18:08] : puchi bet $20 [Jun 5 06:18:53] : It's your turn. [Jun 5 06:18:53] : King Dennis has 10 seconds to respond. [Jun 5 06:18:58] : King Dennis folded. [Jun 5 06:18:59] : puchi wins $26.37 as the last player standing [Jun 5 06:19:01] : Hand is over.

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    chenyan Guest

    Default Good fold or bad fold???

    Without addressing pre-turn play at all, I think this was probably a good fold at this stage. But to be placed in this situation wasn't good. Other players will address the play I'm sure, I don't want to however because I would probably mess it up. Don't overthink it though.

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    LostRaces Guest

    Default Good fold or bad fold???

    As always with no limit the answer is very player dependant. We have no reads so I dont think you can get a correct answer.However, I dont like calling on the flop. Against any decent player you will be faced with a pot or near pot size bet on the turn regardless of what it is. This has not helped you at all. I think folding or raising it up again to 22-25 would be the best way to go. I dont think the actual turn card being a K here should have influenced your decision to fold at all. I wonder what your action would have been had it been say the 5h??

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    King Dennis Guest

    Default Good fold or bad fold???

    My instant flop call was done to see if he would have put the brakes on the turn, since he didn’t and the Kc didn’t seem to bother him even when my pre flop raise 1+UTG would've represented AA,KK,QQ,JJ,AK,AQ,KQs, I thought fold was definitely the way to go.A flop re-raise would've definetly given me good info as to whether he had a set an over pair(99 or TT), over cards or absolutely nothing. I guess being the second last hand of the day my mentality was to not overcommit.To your question,"I wonder what your action would have been had it been say the 5h??"By not re-raising I did not have accurate info, therefore I would Probably fold to a Pot size bet on the turn as I had him on a set. In Hindsight, a flop re-raise would've definitely be the correct play.

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    Banjo Guest

    Default Good fold or bad fold???

    I've played a fair bit of online poker at this level and experience, as opposed to analysis, tells me that when opponents make these check raises on the flop ur up against a set most of the time. The players at this level don't make these plays often with hands like pocket 77, 99, flush draws straight draws or A8. I'm not saying its an easy fold on the flop neccesarily. Of course it depends on ur opponent, but generally players at this levels have u beat when they make these check raises.

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    BoxerShorts Guest

    Default Good fold or bad fold???

    I honestly don't know whether you made a good or bad fold but leaning towards a good one. The guy could be playing a set, or maybe he's one of those maniacs who semibluff flush and straight draws. We'll never know. If I interpret correctly, your $4 bet on the flop is about 1/2 pot or slightly more and reaks of an AK continuation bet so he might re-raise u with anything. If he has hit the set, and the K flops on the turn, then his big bet makes sense as you are now drawing dead to his set and he puts you on TPTK which would be a hard lay down and may get called. You mention that this was your second last hand of the day. Perhaps your opponent somehow sensed some weakness in your willingness to "not overcommit" and therefore attacked that perceived weakness with a big turn bet that got you to fold what possibly was the winning, or leading hand. You gotta bring your game every hand whether it be the first or second last hand (admittedly at first you might want to take it cautiously to get the feel of the table and how the other players are playing, but you get my drift).Just my 2 cents worth.GL Boxer

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    modus Guest

    Default Good fold or bad fold???

    I'm in tune with Banjo

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