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Thread: HH $50NL Overpair vs flushing board.

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    Default HH $50NL Overpair vs flushing board.

    No massive reads on the opponent, the whole table is fairly loose though.Comments on my play up to this point would be appreciated too!$50 NL Texas Hold'em - Monday, October 09, 16:10:06 ET 2006Table Outta Here (Real Money)Seat 3 is the buttonTotal number of players : 9 Seat 3: Lfeofsprts04 ( $27 )Seat 8: mon931 ( $70 )Seat 6: xxHanselxx ( $26.91 )Seat 10: number1001 ( $53.10 )Seat 4: Pudelmuetze ( $49.50 )Seat 5: Antras ( $63.55 )Seat 7: trailblazer7 ( $17.50 )Seat 1: nisse100 ( $48.75 )Seat 2: keseberg ( $35 )Pudelmuetze posts small blind [$0.25].Antras posts big blind [$0.50].keseberg posts big blind [$0.50].** Dealing down cards **Dealt to mon931 [ Qd Qs ]xxHanselxx folds.trailblazer7 folds.mon931 raises [$2.50].number1001 calls [$2.50].nisse100 folds.keseberg folds.Lfeofsprts04 folds.Pudelmuetze folds.>You have options at Abracadabra Table!.Antras folds.** Dealing Flop ** [ 6s, 4s, 9s ]mon931 bets [$4].number1001 raises [$10].mon931 calls [$6].** Dealing Turn ** [ 7h ]mon931 checks.number1001 bets [$13.21].mon931 ????

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    Default HH $50NL Overpair vs flushing board.

    I would have put him all in on the flop. He could have a badly played set but you have outs to that. If number1001 has the lone As (or Ks) he still has odds to call, and probably will, but it is possible he can make an incorrect fold (particularily with the Ks).So yeah, I would push on the flop.After the flop the turn should not be checked, his smallish raise could well mean the flush draw, hoping for a free card on the turn, which you have offerred.After the turn bet I would check call him down. From the smallish size of his bets on flop and turn I would be starting to fear the flush. May also have a set.Check-call river.Push flop.

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    Default HH $50NL Overpair vs flushing board.

    Drop out of this one. It feels bad. The flop re-raise has me worried - set? flopped flush? The absolute worst I put this guy on is the Ace high flush draw.His turn bet is sizeable too so I give him credit for some sort of made hand (set/flush). You're going to have to part with a significant amount of chips on the river if you continue with this hand. Even though you have the overpair, it just seems so 2nd best.I take a wimpy way out here and fold. It just seems so much like a "set versus overpair" scenario and we all know how they turn out.Now if you had a set of Q's, that's a different story as I'd call the turn and hopefully fill up on the river and take down a very nice pot.Now how did it turn out? Presume you called and lost - most posts here are losing hands so did he river you or were you dead on the flop?
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