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Thread: Fridays $44 Freezeout. 3pm. 20k stack.

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    Default Fridays $44 Freezeout. 3pm. 20k stack.

    Kicking off our monster Fridays at Jade is our $44 at 3pm.

    Time: 3pm - Late rego allowed until approx 4:30pm at break
    Rego: $44.00 ($40+$4admin)
    Format: Freezeout
    Stack: 20k
    Blinds: 20 minutes
    G'tee: $400 (but usually 20-25 runners)

    Casino quality equipment.
    Games til 3am
    Timed tournaments / Sit and Gos on demand.
    Cheap beers - $3 Steinlagers for members, $4 for non members + Jack Daniels Single Barrel only $5.00 ! (limited time only on JDSB)
    Sport on big screens. (Super 15 Highlanders V Cheetahs at 5:30pm + NRL from 7:30pm)

    If you have not visited us at Jade, come down and try us out. Friendly games, no pressure to play and plenty of choices to eat, go, explore around us in the city. Great transport options to get home also. Close to Casino for when you win your cash and want to press on!

    Exclusive to Pokernetworkers - tonight only. We have gone MAD!

    Come and say hello - let me know your pnw screen name and I will give you a $20.00 drink voucher - valid tonight only... Thats 4 x JD single barrels if you want or 6 Steinlager Pures!
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    Default Re: Fridays $44 Freezeout. 3pm. 20k stack.

    Same games here again tonight. $44 freezeout from 3pm with late rego til 4:30pm. 20 k stack.

    Games til midnight.

    See you at Jade Tav

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