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    Fisho1 Guest

    Default Fisho's Poker

    Hi Poker Fans,

    Fisho's Brighton Le Sands is a registered club of New South Wales (for more information please go to The Fishos - Home Page) that currently has 28 poker tables permanently set up since January 2011. Fisho's Brighton Le Sands offer $12,500 AUD guaranteed in weekly prize pools with over 14 tournaments and sit & go's. We have also had up to 277 & 266 players attend at the one tournament (Anzac Day Main Event 26/04/2011 & Queen’s Birthday ME 13/06/2011 respectively). The club holds poker from 1pm til midnight, 7 days a week and slowly but surely, Fisho's is being considered by many Poker Fans as being the premier Poker Room in the south east region of Sydney.

    Fisho's Poker is putting through 5 APPT MACAU packages together which will include Main Event entry fees, flights, hotel, etc. worth $10,000 AUD each from 24 July to 13 November 2011 as part of their third season schedule.

    Come visit Fisho's Poker at 99 Bestic St. Kyeemagh. NSW. 2216 (we are near Sydney Airport) or phone (02) 95974455 for more details.
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    ads69 Guest

    Default Re: Fisho's Poker

    Sounds ok!
    But your forgetting to tell everyone the real truth.

    Your Anzac Day Main Event did attract 277 players.
    $10,000 was raised before the event that allocated 100 players.
    Then 177 more came in including 33 new players.
    177 x $110 = $19,470
    A reliable source told me there were over 200 rebuys & add ons at $25 =$5,000
    My maths make that $34,470
    For a club that crys poor I can see where the cash is coming from to pay the recent renovations.

    Recently Pasuale Carboni (Club President) and Peter Jones (CEO) have been caught placing fliers on
    cars at all other clubs including at last weeks NPL500 at Parramatta RSL. Do you clowns realise that
    unlawful distribution of advertising material is breaching the Anti Litter Act law intoduced in 2001?
    As well as the unethical way you are going on about this?

    Word has it Directors are allowed to play and are chipped up to win all the tournaments.
    Club Vice President Michelle Fowler always gets in the money.
    What baffles me is how the rest of the players are oblivious to all of this?

    Word is also out there that the new fellow who runs the poker is an ex Star City Pit Manager called Alex.
    Sacked for stealing $5,000 chips in the high rollers room.
    If this tosser risked doing this under cameras imagine how much he is going to risk at Fishos.

    So if you want to visit Ali Barba and the forty thieves, then Brighton Fishos is the place to be.
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    TheAthiest Guest

    Default Re: Fisho's Poker

    Quote Originally Posted by ads69 View Post

    Recently Pasuale Carboni (Club President) and Peter Jones (CEO) have been caught placing fliers on
    cars at all other clubs including at last weeks NPL500 at Parramatta RSL
    Can you confirm that this is true. Caught by who?

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    Dubzzzz Guest

    Default Re: Fisho's Poker

    I like Fishos....and play there often...

    And the recent Queens birthday event seemed a little strange, they didnt even have a computer to record any registering players or anything??

    Im still a big fan of fishos for the d aily tournaments and chip chops....but i think there should be something done about these kind of rumors

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    Dubzzzz Guest

    Default Re: Fisho's Poker

    Okay....after tonight's tournament i can actually give you guys a true opinion...

    If you want a tournament were the TD's say blinds next hand( and your UTG) when they know 1:50 into the next blind has passed and its at the crucial time bingo time of 20,000 40,000 and pat you on the back and say 'its okay next hand' EVEN when you say 'na mate its been up for a minute already' can go to fishos...

    If you want a final table were mates can sit next to you and give you a little opinion on what to do and show 5 of ya mates what you got before you play....go to fishos

    It gets better, if you wana complain about whats going on to the td THAT DOES NOT NO WHATS GOING ON, they simply look at you and say ' ohh noo they cant do that!'

    I was a big fan of there games...they did really have the hype going with all these nice games going together and a promised 'professional' Etiquette.
    but couple months into it there morals and standards have droped, and simply are putting on the face and character that they care....all hope in a great place and game has vanished....

    Good luck fishos...pick up your game or continue to loose some of your most common players

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    Fisho1 Guest

    Default Re: Fisho's Poker

    Dear All,

    Fisho’s is an amateur fisherman’s club that has a history of serving its patrons for over 40 years in the Brighton Le Sands area.

    Yes, on the surface, Fisho’s is a little old and tired looking but the club has always found strength to carry on from the loyalty of its members. I can say this because I have been a member of the club for over 22 years and it saddens me that some of you show such distain, aggression and hatred purely derived from your personal differences.

    Maybe someone’s stepped on your toes? Maybe competition is a little too strong for you? Maybe you lie to your customers to make ends meet. Who knows and who cares? I am sick to death with the pettiness; with all the bullshit rumours and with the cowardice some of our critics show. If you can prove it – do it!

    To the Poker providers in the area, it’s disappointing to see your craft & expertise – the thing you are good at – at times become such a spectacle and farce when it comes to money, politics and greed. Some of you have truly forgotten what the industry is all about and how our audience – the customer - is viewing this comedy.

    People attack our venue; our management team and our staff. Who out there can claim they are perfect? Who wants to cast the first stone? Fisho’s is by no means perfect in so many ways it’s not funny but at least we are good to our customers – I challenge you to ask them that much.

    Whatever your claim may be; to you – the critic – you probably just didn’t get what you wanted from the club and sadly but surely we already know who you are.

    Lastly, on behalf of Fisho’s, I apologise for the eulogy but someone has to stand up for them.
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    Baron Vo Mandor Guest

    Default Re: Fisho's Poker

    Hmmmmmmmmm another poker hq, pokerdome, in for a quick buck before people wake up to themselves.

    Suprise suprise.

    Its a shame only one place in Sydney has stood the test of time as getting gamblers into a club is like getting a pyromaniac into a paper factory with a box of match's...... Explosive.

    Instead the ole lure of the quick buck........

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    ads69 Guest

    Default Re: Fisho's Poker

    To Fishos 1



    How can you say "carry on from loyalty of its members"????
    All of you in the club now have only been only around for six months.

    If you are going to go there, you mistreated your original members and board of directors.
    You stole the club of from yr original board of directors. Your currently under a government investigation.
    Free memberships was given to all poker players and you used their votes (without consent) to vote the new board in.
    Apparently poker players have voted the likes of Pasquale Carboni and Co in, without even knowing.
    We all saw the channel 7 news coverage that showed how you branch stacked the oldies out and then uped the boat fees by 400%,
    knowing fully aware that the pensioners couldnt afford it and to get rid of them. CLICK ON LINK BELOW

    YouTube - ‪Channel 7 News Tripodi link to Fishos club‬‏

    We are all sick to death that your club is stepping on other poker providers toes by bombarding their venues with fliers to promote Fishos.
    The evidence is there. Would you like me to get the evidence and post it?

    Your lucky poker players are sadly so oblivious and are greedy chasing money only. Even if it is drastically being paid unders.
    Cause its definitely NOT loyalty they are setting foot in your corrupt club.

    Lastly people attack your club because Fishos deserves it.
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    brock99 Guest

    Default Re: Fisho's Poker

    Yes I can comfirm its true .
    I didnt qualify for last weeks NPL500 but I went and watched the event.
    I had a Fishos flier on my car. I thought it was a disgrace as I was actually parked in the car park. I also played in that event and there was a definite shortfall. On the Queens Birthday Main Event. My mate came 9th and only got $200. He complained and Carboni ( short big mouth guy ) said '' do you want the money or what?'' It was advertised 30K. The winners split only $6,000. Everyone was bitching about it on the baloncy. Nearly 300 players what a joke! That Carboni guy is the biggest thief. These are not rumours I think we should actually open our eyes and face facts.

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    Fisho1 Guest

    Default Re: Fisho's Poker

    Dear All,

    The prize pool for the Queen's Birthday Main Event was $15,000 guaranteed. And $15,000 was paid out to the top 20 out of 266 players which is at 7.5%. The top 4 winners shared over $11,400 in prize money with the Tournament Winner receiving a guaranteed $6,000 (or 40% of total prize pool) if they wished to split it that way.

    And no one was bitching about it on the balcony. Are you kidding me? Who bitches about a winner's free entry; qualifier's $25 fee or a $110 buy-in fee into a $15,000 guaranteed event. It was unfortunate that your friend received 9th placing... but where do you get your figures from?

    Fisho's has never fallen below it's guaranteed prizes - even at great expense. If you want to actually open your eyes and face facts, then just think back to the other poker providers who WERE there previously. If you also wish to defame the venue, then please do it elsewhere.
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