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Thread: $25,000 GTD - $200 Entry

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    bill6 3off Guest

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    Quote Originally Posted by Newcastlenick View Post
    Apl delivered the 1st ever $1,000,000 game to club poker players along with a variety of buy in and free roll games to suit all.
    There has never been complaints of discussing TD calls in $500k show piece games or huge chip overlays in games filled with employees.
    Its almost humours to be criticised by such professionally run organizations.
    lol A student of the game ?

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    Brad_Only Guest

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    It's that time again when we host our quarterly "East Coast Poker Championship" which is guaranteed at $25,000 as normal. The game is on this Sunday (Feb-5) at noon (11am rego) and has late entry until 1:30pm. Tournament conditions are as follows;

    Entry: $200 ($180 + $20)
    Chips: 25,000
    Blinds: 25 minutes
    Prizes: $25k total pool with a minimum of $10k for 1st place

    Last season the prize pool topped $33k (a record for this event)!

    For anyone who wishes to make a weekend out of it we also have a $2,000 2 person teams event on Saturday night where the winning team will gain FREE entry on Sunday.

    Sorry about the late notice guys but we hope to see a few Sydney siders make the trip once again!

    If anyone needs any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.
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    bill6 3off Guest

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    Would loved to have played these events but, last Tuesday, I was told I had been banned for life from this organization for making derogatory comments about the franchise owner on Face Book ! Very professional stuff guys you should be proud !.

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