Hi there poker players this is the poker palaces weekly schedule come down and experience the $150 000 poker room allowing you to squeeze those aces in style.

Big Tuesdays, Mega Stack Event, Freeze out
Tuesday, 7.30pm $150 ($125 + $15 +$10DF)

Wednesday Wonder $3K GTD
Wednesday, 7.30pm $40 ($27 + $3 + $10DF)
$30 rebuys/addons

Thursday Thunder
Thursday, 7.30pm $120 ($100+$10+$10DF)
$110 rebuys/addons

Weekend Warm Up
Friday, 8:30pm $120 ($100+$10+$10DF)

Marconi Poker Palace Freeroll Friday, $1K GTD
Friday, 7.30pm
$10 rebuys/addons

Super Saturday Daily Double $2K GTD
Saturday, 1.30pm $70 ($50+$10+$10DF)
$60 2xR & $60 2xA

Marconi Poker Palace Freeroll Sunday, $1K GTD
Sunday, 7.30pm
$10x1R & $10 2xA

Sunday Pro 25
Sunday, 9:00pm $25 ($22.50 + $2.50)
1xR 2XA

Timed Tournaments are also held on a nightly basis. 5 of the events in our weekly schedule are dealt events for more information on structures and special events visit our website .

Thank You

The Poker Palace