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Thread: Exposing a hand during live play

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    Default Re: Exposing a hand during live play

    If by most hotel leagues you mean APl this is true, but then again APL is retarded.

    Oz Poker Tour will allow the hand to continue if it is heads up. Three way I am not entirely sure.

    Back to APL they have this retarded version of the show one show all rule. Say player A bets on the river and player B folds. As Player A rakes in the pot he decides to show one card as he mucks which happens to be something that connects bottom pair on the board. The APL ruling is they must show the second card too.

    I understand this rule if the player is called, but when he is folded to it is a stupid ruling. The player has won the pot without being called. he should be allowed to do whatever he wants as he claims the pot.

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    Default Re: Exposing a hand during live play

    Another scenario I faced the other week, it was the close to final table and was quite annoyed I dont exactly know the rule but thought it was a muck.

    On the river I go all-in with a flush I was heads up and the other bloke throws both his cards face up and one bounces and turn over without saying anything and then turns it over and just does a weasely laugh and starts to rake it in with a full house.

    As he didnt say anything and just threw them in face up and especially since one turned over with the other mucked cards. I thought it was a muck. TD just said he had a full house and he was calling you, "He obviously meant to call"

    Is that the actual ruling?

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    Default Re: Exposing a hand during live play

    If he tables both his cards they play, regardless of how carelessly he does it. Probably he could get a penalty if he just turns them over without saying or acting to call though.
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