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Thread: Live tourneys Melbourne

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    Default Live tourneys Melbourne

    I would like to get in touch with people who play live cash tourneys in the Melbourne area. Buy in from 20 to 150$. Private/official/pub. As long as it is not at the crown. Huge city, so there must be something out there!

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    Default Re: Live tourneys Melbourne


    The only place in Victoria you can play poker for money, where the house takes a fee/rake for its troubles is Crown casino.


    There are probably games out there but the won't be anywhere near as big, let alone have any sense of security about them as if you were talking 200 runner for a $150 buy in game, thats a lot of money that in theory is not actually there.

    your choices are Crown or Online unfortunately.

    I have played $100 tourneys but the most players was about 25. Payouts were up for debate at the beginning but turned out to be pretty crap.

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