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Thread: Marconi Cup Carnival Has Arrived

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    Default Marconi Cup Carnival Has Arrived

    Marconi Cup Carnival has arrived The Second Edition of the Marconi Cup Carnival is action packed with 8 great events, testing the skill and patience, with some fast pace and exciting poker action.

    The 2 week carnival kicks off with the ever popular Marconi Madness. The uniqueness of this multi day entry event is really popular with our poker players it boasts a $20,000 GTD prizepool.

    It continues with our season final, a $10,000 GTD event for players who have managed to qualify. Players will play for the opportunity to represent the Poker Palace at the forth coming APAC WSOP in Melbourne in April 2013.

    We then find ourselves at some great events for the poker purists. Firslty our Omaha/Holdem rotation event, then our fast paced action packed rebuy event, culminating in The Poker Palace Main Event again GTD at $20,000.

    DATE Event # TOURNAMENT NAME Buy In (Cost + GST)

    Monday 17th September 7:30pm 1 Marconi Cup Madness Day 1A $20,000 GTD $25 ($22.50 + $2.50)
    $25 R & A

    Tuesday 18th September 7:30pm Marconi Cup Madness Day 1B $20,000 GTD $25 ($22.50 + $2.50)
    $25 R & A

    Wednesday 19th September7:30pm Marconi Cup Madness Day 1C $20,000GTD $25 ($22.50 + $2.50)
    $25 R & A

    Thursday 20th September 7:30pm
    Marconi Cup Madness Day 1D $20,000GTD $25 ($22.50 + $2.50)
    $25 R & A

    Friday 21st September 7:30pm Marconi Cup Madness Day 2 $20,000 GTD Restricted

    Saturday 22nd September 2:00pm
    2 Marconi Cup Grand Final $10,000 GTD
    2 x WSOP APAC Packages Restricted

    Sunday 23rd September 7:30pm 3 Marconi Cup Main Event Freeroll Satellite FREE with $10 R & A

    Monday 24th September 7:30pm 4 Marconi Cup Main Event Freeroll Satellite FREE with $10 R & A

    Tuesday 25th September 7:30pm 5 Marconi Cup Omaha/Holdem Event $150 ($127 + $13 +$10)

    Wednesday 26th September 7:30pm 6 Marconi Cup Holdem Rebuy $5,000 GTD $60 ($45 +$5 + $10)
    $50 R & A

    Thursday 27th September 7:30pm 7 Marconi Cup MAIN EVENT DAY 1
    $20,000 GTD $450 ($400 + $40 +$10)
    Single R & A

    Friday 28th September 7:30pm Marconi Cup MAIN EVENT DAY 2
    $20,000GTD Restricted

    [U]Saturday 29th September 1:30pm[/U] 8 Marconi Cup Knock out Event $150 ($127 + $13 +$10)
    $50 Per Knock out

    Hope to see you all there

    The Poker Palace

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    Default Re: Marconi Cup Carnival Has Arrived

    PokerStars sent me an email saying I could get $20 worth of free ring play on their sister site Full Tilt "with no strings attached" if I paired my existing accounts.

    Being a greedy bastard I thought "cool" and did as they suggested.

    I went into my Full Tilt account and, sure enough, there was the $20 voucher. I validated the voucher then jumped on a 5/10c PLO table and started playing.

    I admit I played a little loosely but hey, how can I lose? Lost the ten bucks then went back to my account to find they had taken the money from my funds and not the free money.
    Sent them an email and they said I had used the voucher incorrectly.

    How it's possible to use a voucher in the wrong way they did not say so I just said "no worries, close my account".
    (This is no big deal as I rarely play there anyway, not enough action.)

    So I lost $10, big deal! I was more than happy to get back all of the money I thought I had lost on Black Friday.

    This is just a warning so others don't get caught. If you do this "free money" thing then email them first and ask EXACTLY what you have to do to claim the $20.

    It looks to me as if some of the old Full Tilt management are still in place at that site as PokerStars wouldn't pull anything this dodgey.

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