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Thread: My Aussie Millions final table experience (or heart ache)

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    Chambers Guest

    Default My Aussie Millions final table experience (or heart ache)

    Just thought i'd make this post for anyone who's interested- a bit of insight on what happened through my eyes on the final table.Im a bit shattered at how things unfolded but 26K out of $1650 doesnt hurt.If anyone's interested here's some key hands on the final table.Just some extremely bad timing and twists of fate.1)flop the heart flush on van marcus after he's raised it pre flop- i bet half pot into it and he folds)2) get jacks on the button, make it 12K, weng calls. flop comes Q high and i check, weng bets 25K, i call after thinking. Turn is a jack, (weng checks and im thinking he's got AQ or QJ here and im praying that he re-raises me)I bet half pot again and weng mucks The only hand i am unhappy about my play was An A 10 where i lost almost half my stack with top and middile pair to van marcuses set of 7's. Van played this hand very well- my mistake was realising too late that Van had a monster. On the turn even though i hit my ace i realised that the size of the pot had gotten to that point from Van betting out into it. Good players make big pots with big hands and keep their shitty pots small.He made a value bet on the river for 95K into a pot of about 275K and he just grabbed the stack and put it which looked pretty obvious that he was trying to milk me.I thought about pushing all in over the top and representing the straight(i even said to him that i felt he had KQ(which i knew he didn't-when he value bet the river i thought AJ for a bigger two pair) so pushing would make him think i've got 910 or KQ when the board was 7, 10, J, A, 6.I called because i was still left with 170K and that was plenty of firing power.Van then said he put me on AJ which was what i thought he had after the big value bet on the river. 3)The hurt came when weng crippled me.I'd been scooping enormous pots with suited connectors all tournament and trapping big pairs/TP TK etc...Anyway i picked up 56 spades and just limped, normally i'd raise on a tight table like this with suited connectors one off the button but didnt want to face a big reraise so just limping and calling the standard raise was fine.(i expected a raise with comer in the BB but i'd have position on him with my favourite cards if he chose to do so.)Anyway weng came over the top for a standard 16K.Weng is tight/aggressive and is the kind of player that wont put his money in without the best hand or best draw. - but i know that he normally wouldnt put his money in on a draw unless he's desperate or forced.the flop is 2H,3H,4S and i watch weng as the flop comes out. i then look at the flop and look back down seeing what i've pulled out of some poker dream. I flop the nut straight, checked to weng, who makes it 20K into the 35K pot. At this point Wengs bet is representing an overpair or AK and i interpreted it as "ive got 99, 1010, get the hell out of my pot with your heart draw" - which was perfect for me and i'm going into overdrive thinking how to get all his money into the pot- this is the guy who laid down QQ against QQ and KK on a Jack high board in the biggest pot of the tourney the night before, so i had to make it priced right enough that he would either...A) read it as an attempted steal re raise.B) smooth call trying to slow play his overpair.Weng had also folded alot of hands after he bet 2/3 pot in post flop play if i came over the top.I decided to bump it up to 45K, hoping that he would call because at that point there's no way he could put me on anything- i'd raised all my big pairs pre flop and he'd seen me do it all day- so he mightve thought i had a pair of 6's or AJ/A10 something (plus as i said i'd been coming over the top of weng alot for the last 4 or 5 hours of the tourney the day before and he had been forced to fold because of my chip stack)The Big suited hearts didnt enter my mind until he pushed all in and as soon as he showed me AQ of hearts i almost had a cardiac arrest- it was the SINGLE hand i didn't want to see.i said to weng i had a feeling that he would hit his heart and sure enough it came on the turn- all but ensuring my tourney was all but over.Still, i'm glad that i gave the chips to weng because he is one of the more likeable/classy guys at the table.There were actually 3 pokernetwork players at this final table.MyselfWeng Wongand Trung Tran aka Dynastyzzso a pretty good effort i think! lets just hope weng can take this down. I think his biggest threat is alex masterton- this guy is extremely tricky and my favourite to win after weng of course.

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    zero Guest

    Default My Aussie Millions final table experience (or heart ache)

    well done, nice report

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    danielg Guest

    Default My Aussie Millions final table experience (or heart ache)

    awesome on the FT wish id knew earlier. I was cheering for weng on da flush draw :P congrats Chambers.Dan G

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    DYnaSTyZz Guest

    Default My Aussie Millions final table experience (or heart ache)

    Ha what final table experience 1 hand n busto!! the hand was played like this blinds 2k 4k cut off makes it 12k to go SB calls n i call with p 10 in BB flop comes 2 7s 9s sb checks i check initial raise makes it 16k SB folds and i have 86k stack and i was very confident my hand was the best hand with that board and being short stack all in or fold was my only option. I didnt have enough chips to do a raise n see where i was at so i pushed and i was correct he calls with AsKs although he was quite stronger then i thought i guess both plays was correct and unfortunely river ended my day! ! does anyone think that was correct move? or could i have folded?

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    danielg Guest

    Default My Aussie Millions final table experience (or heart ache)

    trung its the right play IMO.Dan

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    pHi Guest

    Default My Aussie Millions final table experience (or heart ache)

    Agree with Dan, even if you had pushed the flop instead of checking he would of called anyway. No way he laying down nut flush draw.

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