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Thread: aussie millions experience

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    wesrednut Guest

    Default aussie millions experience

    razorman, your making up stories with Sam. Yes I was blind drunk after way to much tequila, throwing up in the shower, had another yak the next day (well a few times, my last being at 7pm Saturday) but that just didn't happen with her.I was standing near Gavin Smith 2 days later and he looked at me without any reaction.

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    ListerB Guest

    Default aussie millions experience

    I thought, If everyone else was gonna write something, I would too. Although mine is much more longwinded!!My Aussie Millions.Ok First day and I wake up with a cold, blocked nose and coughing like hell. Good way to start the biggest tourney I’ve ever played. Well, I fill my pockets with tissues and off I go to the poker room. Its packed already, players and spectators everywhere. The Las Vegas bar has a cloud of smoke that makes it look like the bushfires have reached Crown Casino and its only 12:00pm. (this would affect play later). Well after the hustle and bustle of the opening ‘ceremony’ for want of a better word, play was underway.At my table, we had a mixture of players, a couple of pros ( MArek Kolk, Alan Goodrum, Scott from the USA and an internet qualifier or three (myself, fellow TPNews member Shaun from England and a Pokerstars qualifier from Asia.) A couple of European guys finished off the table. I played very few pots early, I was very nervous and a bit tentative in my play. I folded a couple of largish hands that went on to hit, but I felt my play was ok. After the first break I picked up a few small pots and managed to keep my stack about average. My first major hand came after the second break, I find KK, raise the pot and am reraised by my direct left. I call and we see a flop, flop is all low, 2 flush cards. I bet he calls. Turn card is a nothing, I bet he reraises. At this stage I’m pretty sure hes got a hand, I put him on aa or qq.(I can be pretty pessimistic at the best of times). I push all in for about a third of the pot. After about 3 minutes, he calls and shows qq. The river is a brick and I double up to just under 40000. Throughout the day Marek Kolk has been complaining about the smoke from the Vegas bar, we are right on the rail and it is shocking. One lady down Mareks end, right near the rail, even puts on a breathing mask. I didn’t think it was that bad, but it sure looked funny. For the moment, we are staying. I sit around 40000 from then until the dinner break, winning a few pots, losing more probably. After dinner, we have been playing for about 45 minutes when I find AKs, I rasie and am called by the new player to the table, the flop comes A, K, *. I raise a bit less than the pot, and am called, the turn is nothing, no flush draw, no straight. I bet again and am called quite quickly. I have no idea what he has, but im pretty sure Im in front. River is low. I put the guy all in he calls. I show top two and he mucks. Im up to 65000. This would be the high point of my tourney. Just before the last break Danny McD walks past, MArek calls him over, explains about the smoke and Danny says hell fix it. A few minutes later, seating cards are on the table and this table is broken. I move to another table, where I recognize no one. Is not a bad table, but I have a guy on my right who is raising almost every pot. One guy on the table says he thinks that guy will win, I tell him to swap some % so he does, 1%. I didn’t swap any. The guy raising was Hans Martin Vogl, he finished 4th. I lost a few chips on this table and with about 45 minutes to go for the night I am moved to the feature table with about 52000. Billy the Croc is there, he has a small stack, about 16000. This big young guy is next to him, with a pile of chips. The big guy proceeds to play and raise almost every pot, very well I might add, and his stack got bigger and bigger. Meanwhile Im folding every time to his raises and end up the night with 43000. The big young guy was Jimmy Fricke. I was kinda happy to get through the first day, but then I was scared and timid throughout the whole day. I guess I was intimidated by the occasion. The second day started with me on a fairly tough table, Nathan Bobik was the chipleader on the table, Farzad Bonyadi was on my right and Alan Goodrum on my left. I was never really comfortable again on this table, I made a good lay down when I raise a pair of 77 before the flop, I was reraised and folded only to be shown two queens. Was a good fold, but it cost me 10k. A little after the first break, the table broke and I was moved. After a few hands at this table, most of which were over before the flop. I found AKs and pushed for about 21k, I was called by 99 and was walking 45 seconds later. It was good also, to meet a few people from here. Team members and others. The funniest was Yoyo, who upon seeing me and finding out who I was, uttered “you look much better in person” I found it funny Yoyo I think. I had a great time for the whole ten days, thanks to PNW and Pokernews for everything, to Gaz and Cory-Ann for everything they did. It was great. Bring on the WSOP free rolls!!

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    greeneggs Guest

    Default aussie millions experience

    Hey Wes....only reason Gav Smith didnt say anything to you when you were beside him was cause he was half as blitzed as you were that night.A few pointers for next time you want to hit on Shannon champ1- dont throw up beside your chair 2 minutes before harassing her2 - if you do throw up at least wipe the chunks of vomit from your shirt before approaching3 - dont point and shout "LOOK ITS SHANNON ELIZABETH" repeatedly...... especially when you are all of 5 feet away. she knows who she is as did everyone else in the sure the few people about 50 metres away who didnt were happy to be informed though4- make sure there arent four half tanked guys sitting with her next time.5- dont drool on self or me next time i have to manhandle you away.Keep these few simple things in your mind...maybe in a few years when the recurring nightmares fade for Shannon you may stand a chance.

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    wesrednut Guest

    Default aussie millions experience

    LOL good on ya Sam. I still don't believe ya. I didn't have any spew on my clothes the next day, it all got washed down the drain I have never blacked out before from drinking, I always remeber some bits but I don't even remember meeting up with yas after the pokernews party.

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    greeneggs Guest

    Default aussie millions experience

    Wes - there were 5 reliable (well 4 if you count me out)witness's who can happily (and with a smile) recall this story..thats not counting Gav Smith, Shannon Elizabeth and their crew, the security guards eyeing you up & down and deciding how they were going to hurt you, the bar staff and about 50 other patrons.Dont come the "i was drunk so it didnt really happen line" you may kid yourself with that but only works if you dont have witness's present who hadnt had a drink that night

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    Razorman Guest

    Default aussie millions experience

    lol. dont worry wes. it waz gr8 u turned up coz you brought life into our satellite winning seats party!

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