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Thread: Online Poker using a Mac

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    Default Online Poker using a Mac

    I saw a brief blip of interest on this forum in Aug 06, does anyone out there play online poker using a Mac, no dual boot with XP or windoze emulator, just Mac? any positive or negative experiences with this approach?

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    Default Online Poker using a Mac

    I would think it'd be fine running on Mac. Emad got sick of Vista and got himself a Mac according to his video the other day Windows does suck balls, frigging updated all the time and having to do reboots. Vista seems OK but has dumb security questions like when you go into device manager or something, it pops up with a Windows saying do you really want to do this? lol Haven't played much with Vista yet though.

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    Default Online Poker using a Mac

    I recently made the switch from PC to Mac. I have had absolutely no issues whatsoever. I am now a very big fan of Macs. I got a MacBook Pro 15inch with 3 gig of ram and it runs faster than any computer I have ever used. There are a couple of poker clients out there that offer Mac software, Full Tilt being #1, but I also think is another choice. You can of course play the other sites on your Mac also, to do this you will need to purchase a cheap program such as Parallels. This will allow you to open up a window on your Mac and run a PC clone at the same time as running your Mac. Very cool, but here is the best part; I brought the software, and have never used it. It seems that the Mac can do anything that a PC can do, but it is not the other way around. No viruses on Mac’s make life very nice also. The programs on Mac make doing everything so easy, all I can say is that I am a fan, just incase you couldn’t tell already.I would say, get a Mac tomorrow, you will not be unhappy. HUX

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