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Thread: Crown poker room

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    ontilt007 Guest

    Default Crown poker room

    Hi guys and girls just wanted to know what your thoughts was about the wait time to enter the tourney yesterday I thought it was terrible first wait in line to get a ticket then wait for your number to be called out so you could go wait in line again to buy your entry into the tourney. Look I’m not having a go at Bret and his staff I think they did a great job with what crown gives them to work with once the tourney started they did a great job getting everyone seated all 630+ players or so. But a few changes have to be done First one move the registration booth away from the cash booth where it is now its just wrong in the middle of the poker room Secondly at major event have more staff in the booth taking entry fees for tourneys and last move the dam registration booth away from the tables and cash booth. The way things went yesterday some people had to wait for over a hour to get there entry tickets which I think at the one of three major events that crown puts together is a bit shameful. Well that’s my option anyway what are your thoughts on this matter??????? P.S plz no bullshit on my topic or spelling especially from that DAN-G cry baby lol

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    BOYDOX Guest

    Default Crown poker room

    Totally agree. After being unable to register on Monday night, I got to the poker room just after 12 yesterday. The line for registration stretched from the booth all the way to the top of the stairs.After about 1/2 an hour in the queue, the then begun the ticket system. Waited a further 15mins before my number was called and another 15 mins in the queue again. Total time = 1hour.The registration booth needs to be moved, without a doubt. Its in the middle of the room and has to cope with Cash outs from cash games, poker-pro regos, cash game rego's, crown club rego's, and the throughfare from people walking by. Its a disgrace.Registration booth was much better in its old spot before the renovations.

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    muted79 Guest

    Default Crown poker room

    I still think an online registration system, where layers can print their seating ticket on any normal printer, would solve this problem. That way at least the pre-paid people would not have to line up. Maybe even offer a few forms of payment, like PayPal, etc.

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    HHHHHH Guest

    Default Crown poker room

    surely Brett must take responsibility for the chaos yesterday. they were always expecting 500+ people, they should have known there was going to be a big influx of people at around 1 and needed more than 2 people at the booth.I cant see anything wrong with buying your ticket on the internet and printing it out.

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    seawasp Guest

    Default Crown poker room

    I bought into every event on Tues (day before) and there was no line at all. It took 4 minutes from start to finish to buy into all the events. Blaming the staff for getting involved in last minute rushes is a little slack in my opinion. You know there will be a rush, why not buy in early and avoid the chaos? Online reg system would be excellant of course if they could ever be organised.Just my 2 cents.

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    ontilt007 Guest

    Default Crown poker room

    nick hey its Erol i'm not putting the blame on the staff like i said they did a great job once the tourney started but to wait over an hour for tickets it's a disgrace not all of us can get down to crown the day before to buy an entry some have jobs or family's to look after the point is they know a big crowds going to come and play have more staff in the booth. There were five workers in the cash booth doing nothing they could have helped out on these major tourney they should look at putting more staff on the day of an event that's my point not that the staff did a bad job or not, They were great

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    ontilt007 Guest

    Default Crown poker room

    o'yer Nick did you bring my DVD high roller with you this time???? Still waiting

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    Fair Enough Guest

    Default Crown poker room

    >I still think an online registration system.>Online reg system would be excellant .I am just (slightly educated) guessing here, but I think there may be regulatory hurdles to overcome before Crown could actually launch into a 20th century method of purchasing and allocating tickets. Remember, they have only just replaced the 19th century whiteboard and hand-written receipts.Given that yesterday's (reduced on the past) chaos repeats only about seven or eight times a year (about twice for each major champs, and a couple of freerolls), and that it occurs mainly for 'low yield' events, I think it unlikely to force major changes. Sadly.Given that Crown's primary purpose is to provide profit for shareholders, things like repositioning the registration counter, cash booth, etc, really must be cost-effective.Yeah, yeah, all us customers would love better facilities, and yes, many of us realise that these things would ultimately also increase Crown's revenue. But Crown is not a Japanese corporation which takes a 20-50 year view of their future. Poker room and table games managers must justify expenditure here and now. If they spend a couple of hundred thousand on a half-decent registration/cash booth/internet signup system how long will it take to not just recoup the cost, but show a profit?It may not be right, but unless significant numbers of customers express dissatisfaction it is unlikely to change.

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    muted79 Guest

    Default Crown poker room

    They should have redesigned it when the did the refurbishments a year ago, IMO.

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    ListerB Guest

    Default Crown poker room

    Walked into the pokerroom just after 12:00 waited in the line for about 3 minutes then bought my entry. Simple. A mate of ours arrived about 30 minutes later and had an entry within 20 minutes. I think a few of you are taking a bit of poetic license in your tales. I was amazed at how smoothly it ran, with so many people trying to enter at the last minute. Like Nick said, it is fairly easy to have a bit of forethought and ensure plenty of time to register. And no I have no affiliation with crown...

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