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Thread: 10% Rake Back for playing poker

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    Luke Guest

    Default 10% Rake Back for playing poker

    U can only say that about about YoYo, (being full of crap) if u r a member of the qppa.& then u will need to back up your claim with some hard evidence. cause thems fighting words."A wise man, even when he holds his tongue, says more than a fool when he speaks."

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    yoyo Guest

    Default 10% Rake Back for playing poker

    Bluebear, who is one of the best posters on this forum, has already posted the link to the best rakeback site that I know of. http://www.pokerrakerefund.comTo be perfectly honest, I can't compete with what they are offering on this site - I made a personal contract with myself quite a few years ago to never knowingly rip people off or lie about financial dealings - so I am forced to tell you that the deals you'll get on the above site are pretty amazing. However, IMO, if you are a solid player, you can make more bonus whoring the various sites than you will ever make from rakeback, unless you are a successful mid-high limit player.If you are a play money or micro-limit player, check out http://www.freebankroll.comyoyo

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    yoyo Guest

    Default 10% Rake Back for playing poker

    Sorry to post again, but I missed dj69wild1's post.Dan, the reason I try not to post spam is the risk that any poker forum can go down the road of RGP ( - which, last time I checked, has turned into a cesspool of spam, beggars and nonsense. Please don't take offence if I roam about calling various offers crap though - I'm sure you'll understand it is nothing personal, I just call a spade a spade. Sometimes I'm wrong, and when I am, I try and apologise. But in this, I'm not wrong, which you will see once you check out the weblink Bluebear posted.The reason these guys can offer so much rakeback is, due to the huge number of players they bring in, the various online sites give them a bigger percentage to work with. When I was negotiating with sponsors for QPPA, one online site offered me 40% if I brought in a certain number of players, and more if I brought in huge amounts.In the next few years, you will see some borderline insane offers as the online poker industry becomes ultra-competitive - to the point where, if you wanted to set up an online poker site, you would need to have a few million for marketing and to run your site at a loss for awhile, hanging onto the hope that you will attract enough regular players to start churning out a profit.yoyo

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