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Thread: Vic Champs Satellite Tonight (Thu 28th) 7.10pm @ Crown

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    Crown Admin Guest

    Default Vic Champs Satellite Tonight (Thu 28th) 7.10pm @ Crown

    Main Event Satellite $70 w/$50 Rebuys.

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    THE FIDDLA Guest

    Default Vic Champs Satellite Tonight (Thu 28th) 7.10pm @ Crown

    $70 ($55+$15) = 21% commission. Disgusting!!!!$50 ($45+$5) = 10 % commission. THEFT is the only word I can think of when the sole purpose of a re-buy is to build the prizepool in order to give away more below is what goes into the prizepool for the average player (and I'm being generous).$55 entry$90 2 re-buys$90 Double add-on$235 Total. $3,200 for main Event entry.Therefore only 1 in 13 players will receive a seat. Very -EV for the player when you also have to factor in the "coin flip" structures.I'm sorry to be so critical, but any entry commission up to 15% is more than enough, and commission taken from re-buys is sickening.What is the difference in today's tourneys compared to a couple of years ago (10-15% commission and no re-buy commission) that justifies such an increase in commission??? The player isn’t receiving anything extra. Same tables, same chairs, same structures, less experienced dealers. Am I missing something????It was already a win/win for Crown, but that’s obviously not enough.As the saying goes, this is a true donkament, but I'm sure Crown will get plenty of donkeys entering not realising just how much they're being raped. Actually raped is a strong word, it implies that you are being forced into playing. The player is just bending over for Crown every time they sit down to a tourney with such an excessive commission structure.Now before anybody replies with the usual “don’t play if you don’t like it” and “Crown is a monopoly if you haven’t noticed” etc….I’m obviously not playing. However, this post is just to give some food for thought to players that don’t take matters such as commission into consideration when entering a tourney. This is as just as important when considering rake in a cash game, is it not??????? It amazes me how players continually complain about the rake in cash games, but then enter these cheap satellite tourneys re-buying like crazy to build up their chips for the chance to win a seat that is statistically against the odds of them winning. All they’re doing is building Crown’s commission. Think about it people!!!!!!!!!CHEERSJOEYTEZP.S. Don’t get me wrong, I love playing at Crown (when the price is right) and have a huge respect for the staff in the poker room. It’s a tough job. The powers that be @ Crown have very short memories, and have adopted a very greedy attitude since the poker boom. Mostly the pre-poker boom players will appreciate this post, and is also the reason why the majority of us prefer top play online these days. You can’t stop progress, but the poker room just lacks that “poker family” atmosphere that it used to have. I can’t ever see it returning considering the majority of the pre-poker boom staff and players are gone. It’s a pity, but that’s life!!!ONLY CONSTRUCTIVE REPLIES PLEASE.

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    JosephDel Guest

    Default Vic Champs Satellite Tonight (Thu 28th) 7.10pm @ Crown

    admittedly not constructive,But I would like to say that I have missed seeingCHEERSJOEYTEZWelcome back sir!

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    vaincross Guest

    Default Vic Champs Satellite Tonight (Thu 28th) 7.10pm @ Crown

    these points are exactly why myself and many others now spend a majority of time in online poker rooms. I was in the casino to meet someone and ended up playing the satellite, and yes it isn't a great way to get in, but i cant justify buying in for $3200, so it seems unlikely i'll play. And as i waited for the game i played the $10 tourny. I almost had a heart attack when i saw the rake was $5, the equivalent game online being $5.50. This was supposedly to attract new players. A 100% rake??? (im aware this qualified you into another tourny but give me a break). At least Sydney offers other options now. And thats where danny Mcdonagh is now. And finally how Mikey isnt running the poker room instead of zig and zag is beyond me or possibly anyone... In my opinion if it wasn't a monoploy, we wouldn't play much. But i love live play and at least we cant question the integrity of the game, but we are however, all free to question how this monopoly chooses to send patrons to the internet in droves.MOOSE

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    bones Guest

    Default Vic Champs Satellite Tonight (Thu 28th) 7.10pm @ Crown

    agree 100%, raking rebuys is disgusting.I also noted on the Aussie millions brochure, that rebuys in the $200 super sat are being raked $10 a rebuy.

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    danielg Guest

    Default Vic Champs Satellite Tonight (Thu 28th) 7.10pm @ Crown

    yeh this is sick!!Remember those freerolls with rebuys? those were raked too alot more than these. I dont know a figure for sure but ive heard the rebuys were raked anywhere between %30-%50...Such a joke especially when your telling new players its a 'freeroll' and they think every $ they spend on rebuys they have a chance to win it back..Great post joey.'I'm sorry to be so critical' dont apologize only tim jones has to do that.Dan

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    vegas fund Guest

    Default Vic Champs Satellite Tonight (Thu 28th) 7.10pm @ Crown

    can someone say under ground card rooms surely these are more and more becoming an option the whole live play deal in oz if a sick f$%ing rigged sucking the life out of players ect ect JOKE

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    THE FIDDLA Guest

    Default Vic Champs Satellite Tonight (Thu 28th) 7.10pm @ Crown

    Thanks for the constructive replies people.I want to outline a very important point. I and others don't know for a fact that Tim Jones (cash games) and Brett Jones (tourneys) are solely responsible for the rake structures. They may have pressures from above that are instructing them to "make haste while the sun shines during the poker boom". Their hands may be tied for all we know.Like I said, the powers that be @ Crown have short memories. It wasn't that long ago when the poker room used to struggle to have 10 tables open on a Sat night, and NL cash games were forbidden for fear of "busting" the existing players and possibly making the poker room extinct. Crown Senior Management wanted the poker room to go away in no uncertain terms, which I’m sure they will deny if asked today.So what happens when the poker boom hits thanks to Hash winning WSOP???? Instead of being grateful that patronage has increased dramatically which is a win/win for both Crown and the player, they increase the rake and caps on all cash games; increase the commission on Tourneys; and now deduct commission on re-buys in tourneys.Win for Crown - more money - great, more complaints - who cares.Win for player - none. Majority of the experienced staff have gone (good luck to them, they deserve better opportunities if they arise). Less experienced dealers are creating problems. Whoever is training them should be held accountable. How some of them are deemed ready to deal at a casino is beyond me. They display a lack of poker knowledge; dealer skills and most importantly communication skills. I have attended Crown 4 times in the past 4 months, and every time there has been an incident on my table between the dealer and another player. This incident could have easily been resolved if the dealer used common sense instead of being twice as aggressive as the player during the incident. Are dealers being taught that controlling a table means being aggressive and provocative towards players, and then refusing to call a supervisor when requested???? This is another reason why my attendance @ Crown has increasingly diminished. When I walk into a casino, I expect poker dealers to be of a certain minimum standard, and I'll even make an allowance for new dealers as I am a very patient and diplomatic person at the table. Otherwise what is my rake paying for??? I might as well play home games.Speaking of home games. There are at least 2 that you can attend that are well organised, and have excellent integrity. Carlton (Tue nights) & Nth Fitzroy (Fri nights). I know there are others but I can’t vouch for their structures and integrity, as I haven’t attended. Ask around the Crown poker room, and eventually one of the players will point you in the right direction of the people in the know.CHEERSJOEYTEZP.S. Daniel G. Thank you for the comparison to Tony Mokbel in another post. You are correct in assuming that I’ve banged a lot of chicks like he has before I was married (I was 30kg lighter and used to be a DJ in the late 80s early 90s, so you do the maths). The only incorrect fact is that I have plenty of hair and don’t need a wig. I might never be what I was 10-15 years ago mainly because I’ve piled on the pounds due to being happily married, but you’ll never be what I was at any stage of your life. This is because I have a personality when it comes to the opposite sex, and your forte is to kiss arse in the Vegas Bar with members of the same sex that you idolise. I’ve been there and done that; you haven’t even been there, let alone done that!!!!! That may be a touch harsh, but if you’re prepared to “king hit” me unprovoked on this forum, then you’re going to have to accept the consequences of my replies in defense. Try better next time.P.P.S. Does anybody know the results of the Satellite on Thur night???? Entries, re-buys, add-ons, seats given away?????

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    danielg Guest

    Default Vic Champs Satellite Tonight (Thu 28th) 7.10pm @ Crown

    Joey tez you really have no clue, ive been to the poker room in the last 6 months twice other than when i worked during the aussie millions, i dont sit at the vegas bar with 'members of the same sex that you idolise.' you big note yourself so much in your last post. Yet you are probably the most hated poster on here. You might be 'happily married' and a little heavier due to the fact, but i do feel sorry for your wife waking up next to your ever increasing ugly mug.You think your life is better than mine at comparative stages? you fuckn wish!But i guess its nice to dream. I tell ya what next time you 'win big' in the crown poker room, go buy yourself a real nice matching adidas tracksuit and get the mrs a lovely white tracky set and come on into Nobu and we can sip some sake and have a good laugh about all this.CheersDan

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