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Thread: PokerStars Asia-Pacific Poker Tour

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    Admin Guest

    Default PokerStars Asia-Pacific Poker Tour

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    yoyo Guest

    Default PokerStars Asia-Pacific Poker Tour

    Very good move to install Danny Mc as TD. The Manila event will be pretty cool, and its only a 6-7 hour flight from Australia. I know the guys setting it up, and they'll put on a pretty cool tourney with local celebrities and cute girls etc. If anyone is considering flying over in August, I can help with advice on hotels and whatnot, although I suspect PokerStars team will have some helpful player liason staff to handle all player enquiries.

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    Admin Guest

    Default PokerStars Asia-Pacific Poker Tour

    SYDNEY’S STAR CITY CHOSEN TO HOST THE FINAL FOR THE FIRST ASIA PACIFIC POKER TOUR, THE POKERSTARS APPTSYDNEY, Aust., 29 June 2007 — PokerStars, (, the world’s largest freeplay poker site, today announced the launch of Asia Pacific’s first poker tour, the PokerStars APPT. The Grand Final of the tour is to be held at Star City Casino in Sydney’s Darling Harbour.The $6,300 buy-in event will not only attract the top poker players from across the world, but thanks to StarCity and PokerStars satellites, will also offer even Australia’s pub poker players a shot at the multi million dollar prize pool.The event to be held from the 13th to the 16th of December this year will be the culmination of a tour which will take in South Korea, Philippines and other Asian destinations yet to be revealed. The PokerStars APPT will be televised across the Asia Pacific region and will kick off in Manila this August. Joe Hachem Australia’s most famous poker player, who is currently in Las Vegas playing in this year’s World Series of Poker believes: "The Launch of the PokerStars APPT is extremely exciting. Until now Australian players like myself had to spend months in the US and Europe to be able to regularly compete on the world poker circuit. The PokerStars APPT will bring the sport and the players to our door step and I am sure you will see many more Australians taking down titles because of it." Sarne Lightman, co-founder of the PokerStars APPT: “One of the most exciting aspects of being a poker player is the incredible travel opportunities it offers. Every year PokerStars sends thousands of poker players to compete in events across Europe, the US and the Caribbean. The launch of the APPT brings a whole new dimension to poker in Asia and marks poker’s emergence as a truly global sport. Australia has one of the fastest growing poker communities in the world, and by hosting the PokerStars APPT finals, Sydney is set to become one of the worlds premier poker tourism destinations.”Star City’s Poker Room Manager Adam McGregor says: “This is a fantastic opportunity, not only for Star City but also for all aspiring Australian poker players. The APPT has the potential to become one of the worlds most prestigious and lucrative poker tours. We are very happy to be part of this exciting new venture bringing high quality tournament poker to Asia Pacific.”PokerStars will be running free to enter tournaments for all the events so that every poker player across the world will be able to compete in the events, whatever their bankroll.For more information on the PokerStars APPT and how to qualify on PokerStars, go to:

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    babyonboard Guest

    Default PokerStars Asia-Pacific Poker Tour

    Star City better invest in some more tables.....

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    dalek Guest

    Default PokerStars Asia-Pacific Poker Tour

    Surely Crown is the logical choice for the finale.

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    Samadhi Guest

    Default PokerStars Asia-Pacific Poker Tour

    Why? Their good people have moved on. Crown always thought they were bigger than the event. Melbourne is no longer the poker capital of Australia.

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    bones Guest

    Default PokerStars Asia-Pacific Poker Tour

    It's a bit too close to the Aussie millions to run it at crown. Besides, it's good that they have some competition, rather then maintaining a monopoly on oz poker tourneys

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    vegas fund Guest

    Default PokerStars Asia-Pacific Poker Tour

    maybe to early to tell but do you think it will be the one size buyin for all the main events and then several smaller tourny on the side as well. say each event has 4-5 tournys plus the main. i also think it great crown is not hosting it.spread the joy around and melb sucks anyway even though sydney only sucks a little bit less.oops just put 3\4 of pnw off side there hahahaha

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    Jonathan Macey Guest

    Default PokerStars Asia-Pacific Poker Tour


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    Malys Guest

    Default PokerStars Asia-Pacific Poker Tour What is the structure for Asia Pacific Poker Tour events?A# Most APPT events are three-day tournaments, aside from the Grand Final in Sydney which will be four days. The $2,500 buy-in main events will incorporate a 10,000 starting chips, 60 minute levels and slowly increasing blind levels. The structure for the $5,000 APPT main event in Australia will provide substantially more play time. Full structure details and full event schedules will follow shortly.

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