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Thread: Hachem on 60 minutes

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    TeeCee Guest

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    For anybody who missed Joe on 60 minutes the other night, the segment can be seen here - 60minutesA much better interview than the shit A Current Affair came up with a couple of months ago.

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    JosephDel Guest

    Default Hachem on 60 minutes

    Although I have met Angie and Dom a few times and found them to be lovely people.But the ' I started playing poker to avoid a divorce' comment from Angie was cringe worthy to say the least.Mothers and Wives of gamblers everywhere cast a glance at there loved ones saying 'your kidding me aren't you'.Angie, that may very well be the case and I'm glad that it worked out for the best.BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD... LIE NEXT TIME!!!!

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