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Thread: (OT) the LIONS, the brisbane footy coming up!!!!

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    yoyo Guest

    Default (OT) the LIONS, the brisbane footy coming up!!!!

    5 wins in a row now, 4 against top 4 sides. The Brisbane youngsters must be scaring the crap out of the competition. They could win the flag this year amazingly if they keep this form up and Brown, Black and Adcock stay injury free. You heard it here first. Lions Premiers 2007.

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    dalek Guest

    Default (OT) the LIONS, the brisbane footy coming up!!!!

    The draw was a brilliant result for Brisbane.With 4 tough games to come, I think they'll fall at least half a game short of finals.

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    dermie23 Guest

    Default (OT) the LIONS, the brisbane footy coming up!!!!

    They are playing great footy but still cannot see them making the 8 - have 4 games to go against my Hawks at the MCG , Sydney in Sydney ,Adelaide in Adelaide and last but not least against the ladder leaders and flag favourites geelong at the gabba .We had a shocking game against Brisbane in round 1 and hopefully next week will be a much better performance and i expect my hawks to win .

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    yoyo Guest

    Default (OT) the LIONS, the brisbane footy coming up!!!!

    yea the draw was pretty amazing, a dream result as bris has such awesome %unfortunately for dermie, they are going to absolutely PASTE "his" hawks next weekend - then they got some crunch matches against final contenders syd and adelaide away setting up for an absolute blockbuster vs geelong at homeit's gonna be tight, but if they can keep form up, they're going to romp into the finals as the form or 2nd form team of the competitiontheir last 5 weeks has been flag-winning form though

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    dermie23 Guest

    Default (OT) the LIONS, the brisbane footy coming up!!!!

    Don't write my hawks off yoyo - they were 2nd on the ladder only a few weeks back and have had a few hurdles along the way with injuries - for eg last week against Nth Melb not having Franklin and Mitchell was a kiler - we had absolutely no forward line and had to play Croad up there which was robbing Peter to pay Paul .If we have Franklin we will beat Brisbane and our midfield is as good as any going around but 1st things 1st - we have to beat the Bombers today .As far as "Pasting us " goes as they said in the Castle "tell him he's dreaming " .Happy to have a friendly $100 with you on the game - let me know if you are interested and we can settle after the game - the games on sat afternoon and if i win you can put it in my poker stars account as dermie 23 and if the lose let me know what account you want me to credit for you - at least i can trust you unlike that cretin Nick someone who i had $500 with on the ashes who did a runner

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    dermie23 Guest

    Default (OT) the LIONS, the brisbane footy coming up!!!!

    Sent you an e mail yoyo with a hand history that i am interested in getting your opinion on if you have a few minutes to spare .Also be interesting in the footy with the Coleman race between J Brown and Franklin - brown's ahead by 10 at the moment with Franklin to play tomorrow and the last time we played the bombers he kicked 9 and when Brisbane play teams like Ade , Sydney and Geelong they all have pretty good fullbacks and cannot see Brown kicking goals on them - either way its going to be a great round 22

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    harry Guest

    Default (OT) the LIONS, the brisbane footy coming up!!!!

    LOL, Dermie, Jonathan Brown is the best forward in the game, so i dont think it will matter who they put on him. I will bet my balls though that Clarkson will 2 or 3 team him next week, as that is the only way to stop him. Out of his 6.6 last nite, atleast half ofthat score came from contested marks. The guy is a freak.The lions are hitting peak form, but i hope its not too early, bcoz if we thru a tough last 4 games, we could do anything in september.And our game against Sydney is at the Gabba.With our form, ( shouldve won last nite by 15 gls )we shoulod win 3 atleast in the run home, with the cats almost unbeatable ATM.But it is gonna be a big last 4 weeks of the season. I havent been this excited, since 2003, and we all know wat happened that september.

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    banned 4 life Guest

    Default (OT) the LIONS, the brisbane footy coming up!!!!

    yoyo, if you need action just let me know, i'll get you on at the best price in the world.min bet $500 (aud). To keep it official we'll post' price in the world.

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    yoyo Guest

    Default (OT) the LIONS, the brisbane footy coming up!!!!

    Harry, it feels a bit like '96 (?) to me when the young Bears were looking like wooden spooners, last or 2nd last on ladder and down by 40 something points against "Dermie's" Hawks at the final change. I would give everything to have been able to hear what was said at 3qtr time, because they broke the record for the biggest last quarter comeback, winning the game and then winning something like 11 games in a row on the run home, losing out by 2 goals to eventual premier Carlton in the first game of the finals (no one else came close to Carlton that year). They then won a few flags down the road.Yep its exciting. Jonathan Brown is a freak. Even if he doesn't get a bag of goals, he's incredibly valuable, as the opposition has to double or triple team him, freeing up space for Brisbane's small forwards to run riot. That he is still favourite for the Coleman medal is just ridiculous considering the attention he gets from opposition defences.

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    dermie23 Guest

    Default (OT) the LIONS, the brisbane footy coming up!!!!

    Not sure how you can call him the best forward in the game Harry - he was not even in the all australian team last year - you seem to be forgetting Brad Johnson , Fevola , Lloyd , Riewoldt and Franklin - its hard to pick one as the best .Besides J Brown has kicked 29 goals in the last 5 games which is amazing ( 10 against Carlton) and Franklin has missed 2 games for the year and is 9 behind and he missed games against Carlton and Nth Melb - games in which Brown kicked 10 and 6 repsectively .As far as making the 8 and doing damage in september i cannot see it but i could be proved wrong

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