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    Wazz72 Guest

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    What i have discovered.....You join a Poker site for the first time deposit funds and start playing, you begin to build you bank to a level where you decide to withdraw some money back and leave an amount equal or more than you started with .... sound good? of coarse..Ok after this you start playing to do it all again only this time you sense somthing is different, you begin to lose , you think what am i doing wrong?....even playing like a rock doesnt save make good hands and get cursed on the flops , not once but time and time again.Only one thing i have discovered stops this and brings you back from death on the table...MAKE ANOTHER DEPOSIT...Sad but true .... This is the 5th site i have played on and each time i have gone through this process.I suggest playing until you have a large amount before withdrawing and either leave that site or make another deposit...I say to you all ....surely i cant be the only person to experence this?cheers

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    MakybeDiva Guest

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    Wazz, I understand what you are trying to say. I used to believe this was the case a while ago now, I'd deposit some cash (say for arguements sake 4k), get up to 6k, take out 2k and then the sh*t hit the fan.Another one of my theories was that I was 'cursed' every time I deposited into a site solely because they were offering a deposit bonus at the time. After I cleared the bonus I always, always ended up down.I can understand why people new to the game online are wondering some of the things they are and come to strange conclusions. I am now more experienced and wiser than I was before.My advice to you is don't believe what your brain is naturally trying to make you see. Keep playing, and if you are a good player you will undoubtedly win online. The fact that you have lost because you recently made a withdrawal is an illusion - the money you have lost has gone to other opponents anyway, not the poker room.Stick with it, mate.

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    Poker Fan Guest

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    Wazz,I feel exactly the same - I was thinking of posting my experience and then read yours. I have two intenet playing mates who have also had the same result: join - win - withdraw - lose - lose some more!Maybe coincidence, or maybe a result of changing playing style as a result of the withdrawal, but it certainly feels fixed.

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    BigHef Guest

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    Has anyone considered that you're withdrawing because you have hit a good run of cards and thus won money, and then the inevitable bad run of cards follows as chance evens out and that's why you lose?

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    BlueBear Guest

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    What you are experiencing is the myth of the infamous and much discussed "poker cashout curse". A search in Google reveals much useful information about this. my opinion, this "cashout curse" is nothing but a A) a powerful psychological effect (playing on the same limits with a shortened bankroll will cause you to played non-optimally) OR B) running unlucky (which happens all the time) on a short bankroll ORC) the player has been playing poorly and finding excuses to justify the poor play ORD) a combination of all three.

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