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    Default TonyG Pokernews Freeroll

    Hi,Please announce this asap.All players are eligable to play in the Pokernews $5000 free roll event on the 15th of May. This was arrnged by me to provide value to PNWplayers. To qualify all you need is to be from Australia or have followed a link from PNW to Noble Poker and made at least $20 deposit.I will play in this event and there is a bounty on me to be annonced on the day.CheersTonyG

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    Default TonyG Pokernews Freeroll

    I got an Email from "Noble" re this, and have registered - it's a pity it clashes with the Vic Champs Freeroll.
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    Default TonyG Pokernews Freeroll

    The way I see it Anamul the pokernews freeroll won't start until 0800 on Monday our time, so unless our freeroll goes for 13 hours you should be free to play both
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