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Thread: WPT @ Crown ?

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    BOYDOX Guest

    Default WPT @ Crown ?

    Hi All, I was curious to know if anyone can enlighten us as to whether Crown has entertained the idea of hosting a WPT event ??Just imagine the likes of Gus Hansen and Chip Reese gracing the floor of the Poker Room (and taking our money !)Has anyone got any information ?

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    danielg Guest

    Default WPT @ Crown ?

    i suggested this back when the millions were on as then the millions could become the first stop on the tour and seeing as though mike sexton was already here, it would be perfect for danny and the crew to get some international publicity for Crown.Daniel

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    TrustAMate Poke r Guest

    Default WPT @ Crown ?

    I was playing against John Juanda at Full Tilt Poker and we were talking about him coming to Australia. He said he had heard that they there were rumours that the WPT wanted to have a tournament in Melbourne. I think the fact that Mike Sexton was here earlier in the eyar might put us in good stead to capture such an event. In which case, Juanda went on to say he'd love to come.

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    danielg Guest

    Default WPT @ Crown ?

    i think if it was a WPT event alot of pro's would love to come, which would do wonders for crown. Danny have you looked into this at all????Daniel

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