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    Just wondering if anyone can help with how i can get/save hands from full-tilt and if your able to do it after you have left the table,also wondering how you go about getting poker-tracker or something that tracks my results,and hopefully points in an upward directioncheers in advance

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    BlueBear Guest

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    I. Saving hands from Full TiltHand histories are automatically saved into your hard drive during play. They will still remain in your hard drive you have left the table.But you need to double check this! Go to the Full Tilt Poker client, click Options->"Hand History Options", and ensure that "Save My Hand Histories" is correctly ticked. II. Downloading PokertrackerPokertracker is available in a trial-version that you can try before buying. The website is Click on Download->Full Version and then accept their terms and conditions to download and run their trial software.III. Starting PokertrackerPokertracker is now nearly ready to run! To put your hand histories in, click on File->Auto-Import Full Tilt Poker Hand Histories. Ensure that the hand history folder location is correctly specified, it should be something like "C:\Program Files\Full Tilt Poker\HandHistory" if your main hard disk is the C drive.Now click on "Force Import" to import your hand histories. If it is working, you should see the words (along the line)"Import Finished - 2 file(s) read - 50 new hand(s) were imported"If these steps are successful, you can now analyze your results. (If no hand histories are processed, go to your hand history folder to double-check if hand histories are correctly saved by the Full tilt poker client.) Click on "file"->"Ring Game Statistics". Now, in the PT program, there should be a list of players on the left column, find your name and click it. In the General Info tab, there should be a summary of your results, together with basic statistics of your player style and win rates.There's a wealth of information available in Pokertracker, and the key to understanding the program is by experimentation. These steps should however, get you started. I believe there are more resources in the internet about how to use Pokertracker efficiently, including video guide in CardAcademy if you need further introductory material. Good luck, and if you are stuck, you can post a furthur question here, the PT forums, or e-mail the software writers themselves.

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