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Thread: Pot-limit/no-limit manila?

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    BlueBear Guest

    Default Pot-limit/no-limit manila?

    Pot-limit and no-limit poker is now very popular with the appearance of huge and televised tournaments play in this format.Has anybody here tried to play manila is a pot limit or no-limit style? I feel that game could be real fun to play as that the game will be primarily dominated by huge draws battling each other. I would imagine it would be a very skillful form of poker to play...Also, unlike holdem, manila has 5 betting rounds. So the pot sizes will be HUGE. Has anybody dared try this form of poker?

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    gaz Guest

    Default Pot-limit/no-limit manila?

    Anyone? I am also interested to know..

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    assumethecrown Guest

    Default Pot-limit/no-limit manila?

    Our Manila home games are played in a format similar to pot limit. We play with a $5 blind which can then be doubled all the way through the 5 rounds of betting with no maximum amount of raises. It is not uncommon for the betting to go 5-10-20-40-80 on just the first card. We regularly have pots of about $2k and with 6-8 players holding good cards pots of $8k and upwards occur once in a while. We find this format a great way to play Manila.

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    Zed Guest

    Default Pot-limit/no-limit manila?

    Manila is a kick-arse fixed-limits game but it doesn't work very well if pushed beyond half-pot betting, partly because of the length of the game, which as you point out means that an awful lot of monney gets into the pot - in theory at least. In practice there is never enough money on the table to cope with five pot-limit bets, so there must always be a round or two in which no betting takes place. a variation of manila called pinatubo is much beter for half-pot and pot-limit betting: it's shortened to four rounds by dealing two communal upcards at the second round - the flip - rather than one. The rest of the game is exactly the same as manila. The two card flip makes a first-round call far more attractive when you have a drawing hand, so there are still plenty of multi-way pots, even with PL betting. NL betting might be a bit too much weight for the game, considering the relative frequency of starting trips, but it's certainly better than manila for big betting.

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    Admin Guest

    Default Pot-limit/no-limit manila?

    Why not deal a flop of three and have short pack Holdem?Manila must remain limit or it isn't Manila?

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    graeme Guest

    Default Pot-limit/no-limit manila?

    Are there any online manila games?Manila is the best game to play and heaps better than holdem.

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