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    Hi all, No-limit Holdem has been referred by Doyle Brunson as the last "PURE" card game.Could someone explain this to me in laymans terms.Thanks in advance.
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    i guess it can be interpreted differently.for me, i think it means its the game that best combines all the elements of what it takes for someone to be a "winning" poker player. Its not just about knowing odds and playing the game mathematically, nor is it just about reads on your opponents etc. To be a great player, you have to have a grasp on every aspect of the game.

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    everything Andre says, plus the fact that the "No limit" means your opponent can often make your drawing odds impossible, and you may be required to risk all your chips at any point of the game. This elevates the skills of reading and making bluffs.I believe it was Brunson who also called it the "cadillac" of poker.he probably made these statements when there were only a handful of experts of the game, and the buy-in to the World series was the equivalent price of an apartment.Theres a "bit" more competetion these days, but I understand Doyle is still mixing it with the best

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    A "pure" card game? My guess is it's actually a meaningless pile of crap. As for the "cadillac" of poker, that presumably is because it's over-rated and bigger than it should be.

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    i thought baccarat is the last 'pure' card game

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    Maybe he means the fact it'll cost a few thousand bucks to get over the rush and learn the dangers.Or that could be Ben Cousins on Ice...
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    If no limit holdem is the Cadilac of poker than P.L.O. is the Rolls Royce
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