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Thread: $US50 for 28 Minutes "Work"

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    Anamul Guest

    Default $US50 for 28 Minutes "Work"

    Hi All,After last nights excitement (Thanks to All at POKERNETWORK & Noble Poker), I had registered for todays $US5000 Freeroll. It started at 8.00am, but due to the fact I was working, and did not get a break till 8.28, and was on the 'Net by 8.32, I missed the first bit, when I came in, I had $1340 in Chips - played 'til 9.00, and then ,with 5760 (I think) in chips (sitting 7th with Angiebaby leading with 10000+), it was back to work. Came back at 10.50ish, logged back on and found I had finished 10th and Won $US50.00 - all for 28 minutes work!! Don't you hate it when work gets in the way of the important things in Life!! Hehehe

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    gaz Guest

    Default $US50 for 28 Minutes

    Wow.. Well done!

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    Gutless Wonder Guest

    Default $US50 for 28 Minutes

    Can somebody post the results and prizemoney for this tourney please????

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    DamienCarroll Guest

    Default $US50 for 28 Minutes

    You were lucky, your first all in you got dealt Q3o flopp came QQ4Second time you where all in somebody calls the preflop bet, then heads up against you who is sitting out, he checked it to the river. you won with A highI saw three people check it to the river heads up against somebody sitting out, only to lose.HOW STUPID IS EVERYONE, even when we told somebody about this he DID IT AGAINSTUPIDI got in the money, was lucky though, thanks to tonyG who bet half his stack with KK i push over the top as we where both very short stacked with A7o and HE TIMES OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1YYYYYYYIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEENot sure who won though

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    captainpants Guest

    Default $US50 for 28 Minutes

    You got as much prizemoney as me & I played the whole event. Nice one. I'm still steaming about my post-flop pair of Aces being beaten, chased down by runner-runner clubs for flush.

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    danielg Guest

    Default $US50 for 28 Minutes

    i didnt know this was on at 8am, i woulda got up for it as i didnt start work till later, man this sucks Daniel

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    Anamul Guest

    Default $US50 for 28 Minutes

    Thanks for the Update, Damien - I was wondering what had happened. I was explaining to a co-worker what my chances were, and what had to happen for my to have any chance of "cashing"!!! On my Table there were 5 players sitting out, and I picked up a few blinds when the "live" players folded to me, and I raised the "sitouts" to collect.

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    TrustAMate Poke r Guest

    Default $US50 for 28 Minutes

    This is a real problem with Noble Poker tourneys, ti is not uncommon for sitouts to make it into the money in smaller tournaments. There needs to be a time limit, if someone does play a hand in the first 30 minutes they need to be booted.

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