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Thread: Star City Poker Room - Promoting Aussie Poker !

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    andyexpat Guest

    Default Star City Poker Room - Promoting Aussie Poker !

    I was reading an article at: found the following text:Star City's poker room has the reputation for being the worst poker room in the world. Ask the locals and they will tell you. The wait list is always long. The players are atrocious. And the rake is insane. For a 5/10 limit game, you have to pay 75 cents just to get dealt a hand! There's no rake for that game, but it cost you $7.50 to see a full orbit. The low limit NL tables charge you $5 an hour time charge plus a 10% rake while they 2/5 NL tables charge you $10/hour plus 10% rake. Since there is zero competition, they own the monopoly.Nice one boys....???

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    Bugsy Guest

    Default Star City Poker Room - Promoting Aussie Poker !

    that review is clearly quite old. The rake has no doubt been raised since then

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    juliette Guest

    Default Star City Poker Room - Promoting Aussie Poker !

    What makes it so special is the title of the post...The Worst Poker Room in the World

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    JK. Guest

    Default Star City Poker Room - Promoting Aussie Poker !

    Andy,lets be honest.Any player who plays in a game with such a horrendous rake,is either very uneducated about the harm this rake does to his bankroll,or is very stupid.And I mean,very stupid.There is not a player in the world who can beat this rake,no matter how easy the game is.If you play in Star City,you deserve to be raped by them.

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    orsum Guest

    Default Star City Poker Room - Promoting Aussie Poker !

    I won't have that.Jupiters wins hands down.Never mind, it's only another 12 years before you might see some competition.I doubt it. If we do nothing we get nothing.

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    orsum Guest

    Default Star City Poker Room - Promoting Aussie Poker !

    What Morris Iemma said about Star City.There has been recent speculation the Government was set to allow another casino to begin operating in New South Wales.But Mr Iemma says negotiations with Star City's operator, Tabcorp, have finished and it has been decided to allow the company to keep its exclusive rights. He says the Government has negotiated a lucrative 12-year exclusive contact."What I've come along today is to end this silliness, end the nonsense that is going on," he said. "NSW remains a one-casino state. Exclusivity has been negotiated and I'm able to say that at a point in which I am advised, we've got a very good deal for the NSW taxpayer." Mr Iemma says Treasurer Michael Costa will announce further details of the contract later today.The State Opposition has welcomed news that New South Wales will remain a one casino state.Opposition Leader Barry O'Farrell says it is a sensible move."The real winners today are the community," he said. "This is the first sign in 12 years that this State Government understands that there is damage caused by the amount of gambling that is introduced into this state."Earlier, Clubs NSW confirmed it had been approached twice about a second casino licence during the last three months. Clubs NSW chief executive David Costello would not say who made the approach, but he told ABC Local Radio he made it clear it was not interested in another casino in NSW.

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    Strong Play Guest

    Default Star City Poker Room - Promoting Aussie Poker !

    JK, most of your posts I agree with, but this is about the stupidest thing you've ever posted on this forum...I'm not saying the rake at Star City is low, far from it, I've not yet come across a higher rake structure anywhere; but to say that the game is thus unbeatable is ridiculous...I have been beating this game for over 2 years now, week in week out, and in fact left a well paying job to pursue it full time... I would be happy to share my results with you privately if you care...I know the rake eats into a lot of my profit, I'm not stupid, but I still beat the game handsomely and have no alternative at present as I cannot move elsewhere for personal reasons.So does this then make me the greatest NLHE player in history?"Making useless blanket statements" - the John Kocbek story...

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    rizky Guest

    Default Star City Poker Room - Promoting Aussie Poker !

    I must agree with joel.Star City's games are definately beatable.With regulars like me there making the games so profitable for everyone else!Joel not supposed to tell everyone about these things. keep this shit to yourself we don't need the room flooded with people who know how to play. we lose our edge big fella!luck box

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    SydRock Guest

    Default Star City Poker Room - Promoting Aussie Poker !

    I also am beating the rake at star city, that is until I make the stupid mistake of getting all my money in with the best handAnyone playing 5/10 limit deserves to be raked 75c hand, As for the Bigger games - Star City have recently modified there rake structure, Joel does make a valid point, its not the best rake in the State unfortunatley for cash games its the only one JK.Joel - Why are you even bothering with Macau? One way ticket to Mcarraon International Via LAX... Off you go.. No need to play with us small time grinders...

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    Bugsy Guest

    Default Star City Poker Room - Promoting Aussie Poker !

    Strong Play is correct that there are players beating the game and that it ts not luck. Most card rooms have extremely weak games in their early days and star city is no exception. Obviously a bigger game makes the rake smaller in percentage terms and many of the big winners come from these games. Jupiters and Treasury casinos in QLD also have disgusting rake but the winning players have won obscene amounts.However within a few years when most of the donators have been burnt out it will become hard for the current winners to win at anywhere near their current win rates

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