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Thread: David Saab

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    ooaapoka Guest

    Default David Saab

    Did I read right???David Saab out of another major event early??? They tell me lots of guys go to him for poker coaching but why would you want to go to a teacher that ALWAYS gets knocked out of major tourneys before you do??? He must care so much for his students that he exits tourneys to go and check on how they are doing. David Saab, your ego does not match your poker ability!!!

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    joethenuts22nd Guest

    Default David Saab

    bad luck ooaapoka at leasr he played in the big one ,by the way ,whats your record in magor tournies.mmmmmmmmmmm

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    kingofdiamonds Guest

    Default David Saab

    David Saab EliminatedAfter losing half his stack on an earlier hand, David Saab tangled in a large pot with Lee Watkinson. On a flop of 10s,7s,5h, Saab led out for 400, Watkinson raised to 1,200, Saab re-raised to 3,000 and Watkinson called. The turn was the 8h . Saab bet 2,500, Watkinson moved all in for 9,500 and Saab called off his remaining 7,000. Saab showed for two pair 7c 8c, but Watkinson flopped bottom set with 5d 5s . Saab was eliminated, while Watkinson increased his stack to 30,000.ummmm..think this speaks for itself...reraise on flop with middle pair shit kicker...i hope all his "students" play the same...see how kickers can give you problems when they are shit! must be playing day 2, joethenuts22nd since your on here today...and geez looking... can't find any majors alongside Saab name in past 12 months... no...vic us joe, seems you had a couple of little cashes 3 years ago.

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    scotty Guest

    Default David Saab

    ok ooah, king of toss! david is 1 of the countries best players and does finish deep in lots of big buyin events! And online prolly makes a month what you make a year pushin TROLL-eys! As for Joe he is a fantastic player at many variations of the game, who works hard and respects his bankroll to only play to enjoy himself. He does not play online, and does not agree with the rake at the cas. I think he will surface live more when the retard boom is finished or the tide goes out. so another tall poppy chop at 2 great ambassadors for aussie poker! you post your results and see !pub poker dosent count!

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    Goldfinger2 Guest

    Default David Saab

    ooaapoka so this is your first post ever? not game enough to start this post this under your normal name?

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    SEABEAST Guest

    Default David Saab

    saab is terrible and a jerk to boot

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    logo Guest

    Default David Saab

    Saab is an idiot. I've seen him donk away his chips with his so call pro-moved, a multi-raised pot headup against a player who was tag along with his A-10 off. In the showdown, Saab lost 3/4 of his stack to an Ace high held up hand. That was the most humiliated thing to watch, I think it was one of them events in the last the melbourne champ.

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    kingofdiamonds Guest

    Default David Saab

    lmao...wait...trying to type...lmfao.....hey Scotty"david is 1 of the countries best players"yeah...Lisandro, Judah, Hachem, TonyG, Benson and....wait for it...wait for

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    ant0s Guest

    Default David Saab

    Please do not mention Hachem in that top bracket

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    Dean Banana P Guest

    Default David Saab

    na tossy, joe adds value to a table....he brings warney...

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