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    Alan914 Guest

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    I received a leter with a CD inside saying if I install there software I will get $15 credited to my account. Yeah what a load of crap 2 emails to them they dont even reply.Step 1 Put Cd into your computer and install (Done)Step 2 Register and email us directly at, let us know you have taken up the offer, and we will credit you free $15 directly into your Account (Done twice) they dont even reply.Did anyone else get the CD in the mail and if so did they get the $15 its such a piddly amount but its just not right doing stuff like this.Alan.

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    nickkaka Guest

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    Go to mansion - download the software and register there - much easier and more trustworthy

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    mattp Guest

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    Mansion did a promo at the end of last year with a "Free $25".They didn't pay.T6 are running a promo that promises "Free $25" . Turns out it is useless play money.The bottom line is - stick with the major sites that back up their offers with cash & they are known to pay. This means Party, Stars & Full Tilt.It is not worth worrying about sites that are big on promises that they can't or wont deliver on.

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