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    pokahgurl Guest

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    hi there, i need some advice plz. someone i know has sent me this link: what i wanted to know is, is this a good site? what do i look out for?

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    alan lester Guest

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    Just play Party Poker, everyone else does.

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    pokahgurl Guest

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    forgive me for being stupid, but what does party have that this other place doesn't?

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    alan lester Guest

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    Of course youre correct, its just that ive heard so much about PP. I did try Royal Vegas though but didnt like it, think there was no hilo either.

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    KangarooPhil Guest

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    Hello Pokahgurl,Royal Vegas is a good site but keep in mind that any profits you make will be sent by cheque. even if you have a neteller account they will only put back into it however much you have previously deposited. So if thats not an issue for you then definatly give it a go.CheersPhil P

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    Jonathan Macey Guest

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    pokahgurlParty poker has around 70,000 people playing during the day.. they also have great bonus offersRoyal Vegas was one of the 1st poker sites I played at... bad customer service and confusing cashoutsPoker stars is another good site, If like tournaments its the place to play.also later on its handy to have a account here so you can cash out any winnings with Gary bensonhave a quick read of www.bonuswhores.comJonathan

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