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Thread: JK should we all give up poker?

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    orsum Guest

    Default JK should we all give up poker?

    JK. put this statement under sports betting in off topic . JK does this mean we should all give up poker? I am a bit confusedThere is one little secret of life I should teach you. Any game, sport, competition, puzzle, which is raked, can not be beaten.Believe me.I know of a group of smart people in Australia who do this in Aussie. They are making squillions.

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    Strong Play Guest

    Default JK should we all give up poker?

    I'm sure this is simply another one of those "generation gap" things, JK just doesnt know the modern lingo to express that while the overwhelming majority of people will always fail at raked poker, there are some particularly skilled people who will profit from it.amirite JK?SP.

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    alcoop Guest

    Default JK should we all give up poker?

    +10 points

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    JK. Guest

    Default JK should we all give up poker?

    Thankyou Strong play.You have translated my thoughts perfectly.To Orsun,please by no means,give up poker.I play poker every day.But look for value poker.Play in places with low or no rake.Australian casino poker can't be beaten.I will repeat this statement.Australian casino poker can't be beaten(in the long run).Here is another bold statement.I am a 2% to 3% better player than any other player in Australia,or the world for that matter.Why?Who can give me the answer?Who is perceptive?

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    JK. Guest

    Default JK should we all give up poker?

    I certainly hope that because of the generation gap,readers don't misunderstand my humour,with the last statement.It is just a riddle.If you know a little about casino poker ,you will have no trouble understanding my point.

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    fooshayd Guest

    Default JK should we all give up poker?

    If only I was in moscow. I might be a break even player then. Whats the stance on food and drinks there JK :P.

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    Brian McDonald Guest

    Default JK should we all give up poker?

    Because some poofs rip off their customers by charging at least that percentage for the dubious pleasure of sitting in a smoke filled room, being dealt cards by social recluses at a tempo akin to watching grass grow.They also have the pleasure of waiting 45 minutes for a beverage that was needed in 5 minutes to avoid dying of thirst and then having the wrong order being delivered.If customers ever have the temerity to complain about poor service they then get to sample the delights of the compassionately challenged Security Personnel who have been brought up on a steady diet of steroid laced energy drinks which have enabled them to ignore all pleas for mercy while finding humour in the face of someone tumbling down 3 flights of stairs.Of course while this 2-4% edge does make you a collossus in the poker world JK, you pale into insignificance compared to Manillarus Gigantus, the hopefully soon to be extinct version of Poker Roomus Rippersaurus. This dinosaur of the Australia Poker Scene was rumoured to charge 5% ( no cap ) in days gone past and would inevitably be the only one with cash after a long and arduous session.If someone was to question where all the money had gone, Manillarus Gigantus inevitably explained that 'All the winners went home'.Strangely enough this explanation brought very few negative responses and so the game continued.Manillarus Gigantus.... truly a giant in Australian Poker Folklore.

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    JK. Guest

    Default JK should we all give up poker?

    Well done Brian.Somewhere in that very good post you metioned the rake.So there you are.I take a rake of 2% to 3%.depending on the size of the game.This rake makes me 2/3% better player than the other players.Even with this smaller rake,players find it hard going.Imagine what they are up against at the Australian casinos,where the rake is ofter over 10%.Or as was the case recently in Christchurch,where the rake for the tournaments was a world record breaking 20%.

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    JK. Guest

    Default JK should we all give up poker?

    fooshayd,food and drinks are free for players.Players are not the worlds' best but they aren't stupid either.Try and make your way here.Lots of interesting side attractions here,when you are not playing poker.

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    Strong Play Guest

    Default JK should we all give up poker?

    JK:Australian Casino Poker can be beaten. In the long run. I will repeat: Australian Casino Poker CAN be beaten, in the long run.It's not easy, and I know of only 6 people who I can confidently say bet Star City Poker over the life of their playing there (>2yrs, 4+ days a week) and that's out of the hundreds and hundreds that gave it a shot on more than a social basis.BUT IT IS BEATABLE.If you would like to talk more about specifics I am happy to.SP.

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