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Thread: Hobart 1973

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    clarence Guest

    Default Hobart 1973

    Some of you may remember Ron Hurley and Hobart/ Launceston?

    This year is the 35 Anniversary of Australia's first Casino (Darwin next). Adelaide and Juoiters followed. I was speaking to a few of the early staff now at Jupiters new poker room. They still have a soft spot for those days as would Gary, Mel, Kiwi and the Baptist.

    For the uninitiated, Ron Hurley intriduced Tournament BlackJack and Poker to Australasia.

    Good luck Hobart and Ron if you read this.

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    GRETZKY427 Guest

    Default Re: Hobart 1973

    Yeh i read somewhere cant remember that Hobart had the first casino in Australia see Sydney and Melbourne dont get everything first for once

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