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Thread: for my 10th Post, i ..........

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    Hof Guest

    Default for my 10th Post, i ..........

    ELL OH ELL @ Locked THREAD....

    You communists:

    But i digress.////

    " Okay . Half-time in the big game and its fair to say that Birdpoo is way out in front in the class/calmness and sensible stakes + humour. ClintsMyDad started out staunch as - yet capitulated when it became clear that he was writing cheques with his keyboard that his fists clearly could not cash. Strong Play has been exposed as crawler to Poker chicks - which, as honorable as it may seem in year one of poker - seldom gets you laid OR a sniff - ALSO - deleting ANYONE that you once accepted as a friend at FACEBOOK for WHATEVER reason shows serious schoolyard mentality and character flaw that no amount of joking about post-delete can make up for. To the girls involved - don't buy what us poker guys are selling - EVER !!!!! We all believe you have NO idea about poker and we ALL embellish any sexual activity/innuendo and conquests we may have had with you ( even if we have not )"

    In conclusion:


    *** at least one pic from Tony Racing of someone eating popcorn and enjoying this thread
    ***CLINTSMYDAD realizing he is tooo stooopid to partake in this thread after severely being 'pwned..yet..will still continue to post..
    ***Strong Play being diagnosed by poker community as guy who puts any chick on a pedastal cos she once won a pot with two black aces and *may* just "be the next Josie Hachem with a bit of fine tuning and repairing a couple o' leaks in her game". Senetenced to 3 weeks playing limit holdem and 2 HTFU pills per hour per day for life ( be sure to complete the series - CONSULT your doctor if FAGGNESS persists )
    *** birdpoo will laugh no matter what the result as he stands to make $500...expose CLINTSMYDAD as a arse-clown...and 'pwn Strong Play for life cos he is an imposter. He will also continue to f*** all the chix who would never ever have looked at him sideways pre-BigBrother fandom and probably include the 2 chix in this thread, as well, if he has the time.

    The End.

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    Strong Play Guest

    Default Re: for my 10th Post, i ..........


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    Tony Guest

    Default Re: for my 10th Post, i ..........

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    TeeCee Guest

    Default Re: for my 10th Post, i ..........

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    Hof Guest

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    Tony...5/10....u normally have the full view of Michael Jackson ( RIP/Vale) eating from the popcorn cup.....


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    Strong Play Guest

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    It's that boring in Adelaide that you're ranking Tony's gifs?

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    Hof Guest

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    reverse chop

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