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    TurnRiva Guest

    Default Hey Duckworth

    Hey dude,
    want to know a bit about your newly acquired Brazil Visa, how did you get it, how long was the process and how much was it?

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    thkcduckworth Guest

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    Basically it is for the upcoming LAPT Brazil that I am covering.

    We had someone take care of all the mucking round for us, but what I can tell you is that we had to fill out this application form

    Supply a passport style photo along with drivers license and passport and pay something around the US$120 mark and it gave us a 5-year Brazil visa

    Now I'm not sure exactly if this is a work-related visa, or one that is needed regardless of intent when entering Brazil

    About all i can help you with here mate . . . you thinking of coming to LAPT Florianopolis???

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    TurnRiva Guest

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    Yeah I head to Colombia in two days, and was thinking about going to LAPT Brazil, but have heard it can take a long time to get a visa + costs + hassle. Will check it all out properly today or tomorrow, thanks for the help

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