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Thread: APPT Cebu satellites start today (FRIDAY) - overlay?

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    Default APPT Cebu satellites start today (FRIDAY) - overlay?

    APPT Satellites once again will appear under its own dedicated APPT Tab.

    However, the first satellite for Cebu ($22 3 x) is this evening and may be an overlay with people not spotting the new tab.

    Go to Events -> APPT Tab.

    APPT Auckland Seat Only satellites continue until Monday. Events starts next Wednesday.
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    Default Re: APPT Cebu satellites start today (FRIDAY) - overlay?

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    ($22 3 x)
    Bless you Danny McD...

    Catch you in Auckland, beers on me (paid for by julian cohen).
    Seriously rickwaa be more of a loser.

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