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Thread: party poker not loading(networkproblem?)

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    manilare Guest

    Default party poker not loading(networkproblem?)

    Over the last couple of days I can't access Party Poker from about 16th sept 2010 to 19th sept 2010 is this an Australian issue or worldwide? I believe they were updating their software but i can't imagine the $$$ they'd be loosing by being off line for so long so I have to assume there is another issue.The problem is I was expecting forums to be awash with players jumping up and down over it .Normally I double click the icon it searches for network and away we go.Is there a problem with anyone elses access?

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    jankea888 Guest

    Default Re: party poker not loading(networkproblem?)

    I'm playing on Party right now, so there's nothing wrong at the server end.....

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