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Thread: Star City Cash games

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    bill6 3off Guest

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diplomatic Immunity View Post
    You sound like an APL reg
    Nothing like Npl legends bagging Apl legends, great entertainment

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    StarCity13 Guest

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    Quote Originally Posted by scar3face View Post
    I'm going to be in Sydney for the next few days and want to play some cash at Star City.

    What are the various limits and games that are spread regularly at Star City?

    Among so many online games, there is almost no game about the stars, which make Star City with K-Star quite more fascinating.

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    dr_protocol Guest

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    Found it really assuming last month when they had their big 3 week tourney on they shut every table down by 6pm.
    ('cos they needed every table) And then after 6.30, as players were knocked out and tables were liberated for cash games again, you had to go put your name back on the list.

    Created a strange environment; at 5ish there were 20 tables up and running with at least a 100 on the board queued.....only for it all to go out the window when their priority tournament started up. I'm curious as to what rationale management were applying to give their tournament such priority? Didn't worry me I went off to the new QT in town for the evening (looking really old amongst all the young trendy movers and shakers).

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